Tom Edwards: Providing Strategic Guidance to Excel

Fascinated with technology since watching the original Star Wards in the late 70s, Tom Edwards was enamored with the droids C-3PO & R2D2 and how they enabled the main characters on every step. Similarly, the core aspect of technology that enables humankind proved to be the foundation of his professional journey.

Tom spent over two decades working at the intersection of technology and consumer behavior tied to various forms of marketing and advertising. Starting his career during the dot com days paved a path to start-up life, proving to be instrumental in shaping his understanding of business, developing solutions, customer centricity, and grinding methods. These steps helped him build a new skill set in emerging areas shifting from software-based services to strategic marketing, innovation, data, and AI-centric roles.

Today, Tom leads as the Chief Digital & Data Officer at Omnicom Health Group Inc., utilizing his expertise in strategy, data, … Read more

Ritu Jyoti: Trusted AI Thought Leader Driving Research

Being recognized as a trusted advisor to the world’s largest technology firms and an executive analyst for Fortune 500 organizations is a commendable milestone that isn’t easy to achieve. Making it possible with a vast experience of 25 plus years, Ritu Jyoti is setting incredible standards. Currently, she serves as the Group VP for AI & Automation Research and Market Advisory Services at International Data Corporation tasked with serving as Global AI Research Lead, and driving AI thought leadership. She is a tenacious leader who thrives in ambiguous situations and environments.

IDC is a premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives, and investment communities make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategies. Ritu is justifying her role by providing strategic insights to help its clients achieve their key business objectives. She … Read more

Why your Dev Team is More Robust When they Work Remotely

There are many benefits to employing a remote dev team. You’re opening yourself up to find the best IT talent, and how that gives you the opportunity to hire some really remarkable people.

But hiring remote dev teams isn’t just about the people, even we’ll admit that. Hiring remotely helps your company meet its targets for carbon footprint reduction. It also saves you money; you’ll need less square footage of office space and less equipment to go on them.

And if all that wasn’t enough, remote dev teams are more robust. By their very nature, they are a built-in fail-safe against problems that would bring a regular group to a standstill. Issues like these:

  1. Network Failures

Have you ever lost a day or more to a company-wide network outage? Frustrating, isn’t it. Maybe it’s a hardware failure, or perhaps someone took the bait on a phishing attempt, and your Tech … Read more

7 Movie Villains Teaching Valuable Life Lessons

Mythical and epic stories from around the world are something everyone is familiar with and have witnessed at least once in their lifetime. In this modern world, as we enter a different mode of storytelling, movies have become an integral part of our lives.

Growing up, we have encountered numerous heroes and superheroes through the prominent movies of Marvel and DC comics. Besides these comic-based movies, numerous films have given us a sense of what is good and bad. Based on the plot and the story, some movie characters have also shown us what should be done, no matter how bad.

Most movies focus on an angle that portrays the good side of the story or shows the so-called ‘Hero’ is a good spotlight. Focusing entirely on the character’s good will and deeds, the character development of other characters is often border-lined, especially with the character of the villain.

In … Read more