Quality Assurance: Main methods and examples

Consistency in high-quality delivery of services and products gains loyal customers and increases the profit of the business. Quality assurance helps evaluate and support high performance without interruptions.

For many companies, quality assurance happens by chance and in a hazardous way. The output of high quality has to be thoughtfully designed and organized. Consistent assessment and review of the quality assurance methods mitigate the risks and allow keeping focus on product or service development.

What makes quality assurance important?

● QA guarantees customer’s satisfaction

● brand’s reputation become more robust due to consistent quality

● the losses for refunds and product replacement are reduced

● QA allows raising a price tag higher than the competitor’s

Phases of Quality Assurance

QA testing services company ensures that the software team follows the pre-determined steps and evaluates them at specific points. PDCA cycle or Demining cycle form a process of QA, which comprises … Read more

Top Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers

When it comes to outsourcing software development, many business owners are confused because there are plenty of options out there. Therefore, if you are struggling with the same issue, hiring developers from Ukraine might be the best option. So, is it a good choice for 2021?

We all want to acknowledge the different factors when it comes to hiring a software development team, but it is important to embrace a diverse skill set for best results. Bear in mind, if you don’t find the right people for this task, you could be sabotaging an entire project. This is why it is essential to work with the best people from around the world.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of a few strong reasons why it is recommended for you to work with Ukrainian developers:

1. Global Recognition in the Tech World

Unless you have been living under the rock, you … Read more

Does Cybersecurity Have to Be Expensive?

During the process of business digitalization, planning separate expenses for cybersecurity is essential because cybercrime rates grow as technologies are getting smarter. There’s a belief that the costs of protecting internal systems against hacker attacks are too high and can be cut down as much as possible. Unfortunately, many business owners make it a priority only after a data leakage or another security incident happens.

On average, the cost of such an incident last year was $3.86 million. Compared to these numbers, the projected security budget of several thousand dollars per year does not seem to be a big deal, taking into account that apart from data loss after a successful breach there are lawsuits, that entail additional expenses, and reputational damage which are sometimes impossible to cover.

The good news is that it’s possible to save on such costs and still benefit from bulletproof security.

Here’s how:


It’s … Read more

Handling Your Company’s Data Is A Lot Of Work: Here’s How To Handle It

It doesn’t matter what your company does and whether you have a small or large corporation, the truth is, you are gathering some type of data on your consumers. Every business owner must be aware of the fact that his or her users deserve some kind of transparency in how your firm manages, secures, and protects it.

Unfortunately, recent statistics are not very optimistic when it comes to this. Namely, they have shown that cyber-attacks have stricken more than sixty percent of companies. It is easy to see that they are happening too frequently.

That’s why you have to do anything that’s in your power to prevent them. It may not be the easiest task in the world, but it surely is doable. Today, we will share some tips that just might come in handy.

Ways Companies Can Handle Their Data

Secure Your Data

You must ensure that whatever has … Read more

How to resolve common IT issues in the workplace

Overhauling your IT is a big step, however, and one that’s likely to throw up all sorts of issues. Here then are a few tips on how to fix the most common IT issues you might experience in the workplace, helping you to build towards a better approach to business technology.

“My computer is running slowly.”

Windows isn’t inherently slow any more than MacOS is inherently fast; it’s all about how good your workstation is. There are three key components of a PC that dictate how fast it will run – the CPU (the ‘brain’), the hard drive (long-term storage), and the RAM (temporary storage).

A better CPU is a big upgrade, but also has the biggest impact on overall system performance. RAM is most useful for people who are multitasking, such as having lots of windows or tabs open at once. However, the easiest way to give your workstations … Read more