Project Management Certifications Salary Showdown – PMP vs The World

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I've seen many questions here on the endless project management certifications and their benefits in the job market (or not).

To provide objective answers I've crunched over 300,000 project management job posts and stratified the average salary expectations for each of the leading PM certifications across country, sector, and position description. You just can't imagine what a painful experience this was, but the results are below.

I've included here in this post static links to the salary data visualisations. On the blog post they are interactive and you can scroll over each certification for the precise salary averages:

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

There’s a growing array of Project Management Certifications in the market, and they all claim outlandish salary benefits and career progression opportunities. But which ones will maximize your earning power right now?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your desired

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Just wrote a blog post on 5 areas of good software project management, looking for feedback

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I just published this blog post on 5 questions I think will help teams recognize strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement in their software project management process. Would love some feedback on whether these resonate with you all. Thanks!

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