help on PM survey

Hello, I am working on a project to create a digital course for digital project managers.
Could you please answer the following 2 questions survey. Your answer will help me and you to create a better course and will help to solve the main pain points of being a digital project manager.

Answer the survey:

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How to Create a Perfect Software Development RFP

Hey guys –

Recently, I’ve been looking for a good RFP template for software development vendors and found out that there were no discussions with links to good sources. Though this part of project management is one of the most important ones. So, I’ve decided to show you the results of my research and share the links to the most profound RFP templates on the Web.

I’m sure many of you in this sub-reddit will make use of it:


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Join a new Project Management Public Discord Server

You are publicly invited to this Discord Server:

This server was created to encourage and facilitate project management learning, knowledge sharing, problem solving, and networking with fellow project managers and those aspiring to be project managers.

This is a professional group where respect and acceptance of others is critical.

We have a growing number of channels to discuss specific topics in the sphere of the project management domain.

Discord is not just a place for the younger crowd, social chat can be a great place for those of us who are getting on in years. Don't let this stop you from engaging in a different way of communicating and contributing to the project management profession.

Come join us:

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The Best Advice About I’ve Ever Written

How to Choose a Google Ads Management Company

No company is restricted in the usage of google ads in the current market. The google ads, however, are only applicable if you are willing to venture into online marketing for your company. The pay per click ads are usually part of the google ads and this is the simplest example you can get of this type of ads. You should, therefore, make sure you know what to do when it comes to the use of google ads in your business. You are supposed to be able to use the google ads and also look for a way to make sure they are running well. Hence, you may have to learn new skills for google ads management. Hence you are supposed to get help from a google ads management agency. Here is how you can choose the best google ads management company.… Read more

Reviews / Experience with Infinity as project management tool?

I'm stepping into a leadership role in an academic setting where no project management tools have been used in the past but where I think it could really help our people and teams communicate and work together to accomplish tasks and projects more effectively. I've used Trello (small-group team management) and Todoist (personal task management) in the past, but I'm looking for more to help manage activities of an academic department.

Because price is a significant factor – especially in convincing a resource constrained organization to adopt something never tried before – I've been drawn to Infinity Project Management ( They launched about two years ago and have tried to build a flexible tool that provides Kanban, Gantt, calendar, list, table, and other ways to interact with projects and data. I'm generally impressed with how flexible it is to create filtered, individualized views of tasks and data, but

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