Project Manager Job (Remote)

Join a global, team-oriented organization as our new Project Manager where the work is interesting and the days are filled with exciting, new types of projects for a wide variety of clients! This is a remote position and will report to our Wood Dale, IL office.

Position Description

As a Project Manager, you will plan, schedule, oversee, and direct construction management of projects. You will have the fiscal responsibility for assigned projects to include but not limited to project costs, profitability, and forecasting. You will communicate directly with contractors, designers, and customers concerning project requirements, costs, staffing, and scheduling. You will also act as liaison between our customer, sales, engineering, and manufacturing teams. You will prepare project status reports and work to ensure plans adhere to contract specifications.

In this role, you will be responsible for all project related paperwork (i.e., documentation of conversations, change orders, customer notifications, review of

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A machine learning model for project management


It's been a couple of years since I wrote about Project Management & AI, how it would impact the Project Management practice and other careers. As I research for this post, I'm disappointed as I expected that by now, 2020, any experienced project management software company would have a predictive model in production but no, nothing out there.

I will help these companies out there with a vision on how a predictive model should work, and its benefits. But I cannot help to wonder why there's nothing out there? Luckily enough, I've found the answer.

What is Machine Learning? Is it different from Artificial Intelligence?

Machine Learning is considered a subset or a specialty within Artificial Intelligence, where we train an algorithm with a dataset, and, based on that information, the model can infer or predict results for specific questions.

What questions are we looking to answer?


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Professional project managers of Reddit: What’s you approach to dealing with responsibility with no authority? How do you spot problem projects early on?

I work in IT and have been considering a change of careers predominantly due to several issues I've faced over the years. After lots of reflection, I think some of the issues arise from having responsibility with no authority. I think this has lead to my burnout. Maybe I am in part to blame, for my current state, for not putting up strong enough boundaries. I'm interested to know what strategies you as project managers, have developed to combat issues such as:

  • Being responsible for the outcome of a project, but having no authority to set deadlines, defined/reduce scope, allocate resources/people, provide/receive training etc. What strategies do you use to push back? How long did you let it go on for before you pushed back? What, in your opinion, is a reasonable amount of leeway to give in these situations? Is this a common problem in your experience?
  • Working on
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