Cassie Samons: Assisting YOU to Find YOUR Next Exceptional Home

When one conquers the battle with the inner self, there is nothing in the outer world one cannot achieve. Such is the story of Cassie Samons, who fought her battle against addiction and has become one of the renowned names in the real estate industry.

When Insights Success came across Cassie, we were intrigued by her journey; we caught up with her and talked about how she has become the top 1% agent in the niche as the Realtor at JRAR Real Estate.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Briefly describe your professional journey up until now.

I am the daughter of a custom home builder and entrepreneur. I always watched him sell houses, so I came by it naturally. I understand the entire construction process and know how to fix things or point out homes’ flaws. I was licensed at 25 years of age. I am … Read more

How Commodity Traders Are Helping Fund Russia’s War

Despite wide-ranging sanctions and import bans, Russia’s vast energy sector continues to thrive, with the country managing to export nearly a billion dollars worth of fossil fuels per day in the first 100 days since its invasion of Ukraine. Indeed, higher crude oil and fuel prices have allowed Russian oil and gas revenues to climb even after the sanctions forced export volumes to dip.

Ultimately, there is no shortage of willing buyers lining up for cheap Russian Urals, nor is there a dearth of middlemen connecting them with Russian energy companies.

Lurking behind the scenes are Switzerland’s giant trading houses Vitol, Glencore, and Gunvor as well as Singapore’s Trafigura, all of which have continued lifting large volumes of Russian crude and products, including diesel, amid wide-ranging Western Sanctions on Russia.

Vitol has pledged to stop buying Russian crude by the end of this year, but that’s still a long way … Read more

Vidroporto S.A :  When Technology meets Excellence

The business world has been known for its innovation and creativity across ages. Be it introducing technology in the manufacturing segment, transforming the demand-supply chain by digitizing its workflow, business process outsourcing companies that utilize international talents, or manufacturers that scout the globe with scientific inventions while facilitating high consumer experience.

But did you ever imagine stepping in the shoes of an entrepreneur and the hustles encountered to provide the best product or services while gushing its brand identity in the cutthroat competitive market?

If you scout around the globe with the intent to find the solution to this complex question, you might land around a company that is the perfect example of how an entrepreneur should envision a business growth and, at the same time, stay true to its ethical principles.

Based in  Porto Ferreira, it is known for its agile development and capacity building across its key stakeholder … Read more

AGC Vidros do Brasil: Enthralling the World with Trust-Based Leadership

In an ever-evolving business world, there are many essentials to running a business. But that one ethical standpoint that can scale a business and, if not abided by, can prove to be the drowning factor amidst the cutthroat business competition is Trust.

Populous with this unique prospect of running its glass manufacturing business for architectural and automotive companies is  AGC Vidros do Brasil.

Headquartered in Japan and Belgium, the company is on a mission to always stay the first choice along its potential customer pool. It leaves no stone unturned to ace itself in the competitive world of glass manufacturers.

Spearheading this revolution and dedicating all its technological and leadership intelligence is Isidoro Lopes – President and General Manager of Architectural Glass Finance & Business Support South America, and João Siqueira – General Manager Automotive Glass South America.

Let’s slide into the interview and learn how AGC Vidros … Read more

Panaya: World leader in SaaS-based Change Intelligence for Salesforce, SAP & Oracle Business Applications

There is no doubt that change is crucial for the growth and innovation of every organization. In business, just like in life, change may hold many risks. Panaya was established with the vision of helping organizations manage changes to business applications, such as CRM and ERP, rapidly and without compromising on quality while ensuring that these business applications will not become a bottleneck for the business.

ForeSight is Panaya’s solution for Salesforce. The Salesforce platform serves as the data hub of the organization, and generally, it has a touchpoint with every part of the business. A single change in Salesforce can potentially impact the revenues, sales performance, and the organization’s service level. Panaya strives to provide intelligent solutions to make its clients efficient and risk-free.

Accelerating Growth of Organizations

Panaya’s Change Intelligence solution enables Salesforce professionals to see the full impact of any planned change they intend to make before … Read more