3 Industries That Can Be Transformed by Blockchain Technology

Many people are touting that blockchain is going to revolutionize the world. The technology that it brings to the masses is equivalent to that of the internet in the early 90s, as it allows people to send money to one another without the need of a third party. This kind of financial freedom is unprecedented in our lifetime and is set to transform many industries and businesses. Let’s take a look at the industries that can be dramatically changed by blockchain technology and how it can do that.


The one industry that everyone thinks of when it comes to blockchain technology is the banking industry. It was the sole purpose of revolutionizing the way money works that were behind the creation of the world’s first blockchain, Bitcoin, back in 2008. Even with modern online banking, sending money overseas or even to a friend using a different bank is time-consuming … Read more

Stocks Tumble as October Approaches



Economic Lookahead

Chicago Fed national activity index (Aug.)

Featured Earnings

Legend Biotech Corporation (NASDAQ:LEGN) (Q3) EPS estimates for loss of 58 cents, compared to a loss of 32 cents in the prior-year quarter.

NextDecade Corporation (NASDAQ: NEXT) (Q2) EPS estimates for loss of seven cents, compared to a loss of 13 cents in the prior-year quarter.

Legacy Housing Corporation (NASDAQ: LEGH) (Q3) EPS estimates of 55 cents, compared to 51 cents in the prior-year quarter.


Featured Earnings

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (T.ACB) (Q4) EPS estimates for loss of 27 cents, compared to a loss of 68 cents in the prior-year quarter.

Avivagen Inc. (V.VIV) (Q3) EPS estimates for loss of two cents, compared to a loss of three cents in the prior-year quarter.



Economic Lookahead

Durable goods orders (Aug.)

S&P Case Shiller U.S. home price index (July)

FHFA U.S. home price index (July)

Consumer confidence index … Read more

TSX Concludes Week of Heavy Losses

Precision, Iamgold in Focus

The TSX Composite tumbled 521.7 points, or 2.8%, to finish the week at 18,490.98. Over the last five sessions, the index lost its grip on 905 points, or 4.67%.

The Canadian dollar sank 0.63 cents to 73.59 cents U.S.

Energy stocks weighed heavily on the market, with Precision Drilling caving $8.02, or 10.5%, to $68.28, while Paramount Resources lost $2.73, or 10.5%, to $23.33.

Gold fell, as Iamgold handed back 15 cents, or 9.9%, to $1.37, while Seabridge Gold dipped $1.60, or 9.6%, to $15.13.

Among materials, Capstone Mining docked 31 cents, or 9.6%, to $2.92, while Lundin Mining lost 56 cents, or 8%, to $6.47.

On the economic slate, Statistics Canada reported retail trade decreased 2.5% to $61.3 billion in July, the first decline in seven months.

Sales were down in nine of 11 subsectors and were driven by lower sales at gasoline stations and … Read more

Essential Characteristics Recruiters Look for in an Awesome Executive Assistant

When recruiters interview candidates for an executive assistant position, they not only need to ensure that the interviewees have the right skills, experience, and qualifications for the role. They also need to make sure the person that’s hired has the right characteristics.

Here’s a look at some of the most important characteristics that the best executive assistants should possess.

An Exceptional Level of Organization

Every assistant needs to be highly organized, but executive assistants need to have exceptional organizational skills that go above and beyond what’s expected of them.

Executive assistants will almost always work in fast-paced environments, and they will be responsible for organizing a wide variety of operations and attending to given tasks to support company executives. Therefore, an awesome executive assistant needs to be able to work in a highly organized manner so that tasks are completed correctly and speedily.

A great executive assistant will be able … Read more

How To Make a Flower Box

A flower box is a container used to grow and display flowers. Flower boxes are often made of wood, plastic, or metal. They can be hung on walls, fences, or railings or placed on windowsills, patios, or balconies. Flower boxes typically have drainage holes to allow excess water to escape and may also have a liner to prevent soil from spilling out.

If you’re looking for a way to add curb appeal to your home, a flower box is a great option. Flower boxes are relatively easy to create and maintain and can brighten up your home’s exterior. Plus, they’re a great way to show off your green thumb.

Quick Guide on How to Make a Flower Box

If you’re looking for a creative way to spruce up your outdoor space, why not try making your own flower box? You can easily transform an ordinary planter into a beautiful floral … Read more