5 Tips When Equipment Leasing For Your Small Business

Businesses have several options when they need to acquire new equipment. One of these options is to lease the gear from their original owner. Lease refers to a long-term “rent” agreement between a small business and another enterprise that owns the hardware that the former needs.

Small business equipment leasing is the polar opposite of purchasing. You don’t, by default, gain ownership of the tools you’ve leased when the terms expire. However, negotiations can arrange a buy option at the end of the lease. In 3 out of 4 leasing arrangements, ownership is an option that the lessee can exercise. There’s even a contract type that mandates the purchase after the agreement concludes!

There are various benefits that a small business can get out of leasing equipment instead of buying through a business loan. To reap these benefits, all you have to do to follow the five tips below for … Read more

Addionics: Building an All-battery Powered Future

Undeniably, electrification is the future. But, as we are thinking of transitioning from fossil fuels to all electric, there is a dire need to build a sound infrastructure first.

When it comes to decarbonizing transportation, we need better batteries with increased drive range, reduced charging time, and improved safety, all at a lower cost. This is what exactly Addionics has brought to the market.

Addionics was incepted with a strong mission to revolutionize the energy storage industry by building the best battery architecture on the market. It aims at unlocking the full potential of energy storage for a range of applications, including electric vehicles, aviation and defense, consumer electronics, medical devices, and renewable energy.

How It all Started?

It all started seven years ago, when Moshiel Biton, the CEO of Addionics, was working on his Ph.D. in material engineering at Imperial College London. During that period, Samsung had a … Read more

WolfSpeed: Shaping the Future of the Semiconductor Market

It took time, but the electric vehicle is now a reality. As consumers, companies and governments purchase, produce and promote the electrification of the transportation industy, the adoption rate for EVs has increased rapidly. EVs carry an immense potential to revolutionize energy efficiency, economic growth and environmental health. With technologies advancing at a rapid pace, EVs perform better, go farther, charge faster and are more efficient and accessible today than in previous years. However, many EV owners and manufacturers are still dealing with the concerns of battery life. But this is where new semiconductor technology comes to the rescue and helps increase adoption of the next generation of electric vehicles. Silicon Carbide is enabling more efficient batteries that allow drivers to go further per charge compared to the same sized silicon-based semiconductor.

Wolfspeed, a powerhouse semiconductor company, is harnessing the potential of Silicon Carbide in semiconductors that can be … Read more

More Upward Room for Dow, S&P

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped to a record on Wednesday as investor sentiment was boosted by better-than-expected earnings reports and a new record for bitcoin.

The 30-stock index headed higher 152.03 points to 35,609.34.

The S&P 500 heightened 16.56 points to 4,536.19,

The NASDAQ Composite went against the tide, though, and lost 7.41 points to 15,121.68.

Netflix posted its hotly-anticipated third-quarter earnings report on Tuesday after the market closed, with the streaming giant adding 4.4 million subscribers during the period. Wall Street analysts expected 3.84 million additions. However, the shares, which are up 20% in the last three months, were down more than 2%.

Deutsche Bank downgraded Netflix after the report, saying its stock valuation was hard to justify with revenue growth set to slow next year. The firm also said strong fourth quarter subscriber additions are already baked into the stock.

United Airlines also posted quarterly results after … Read more

Tim Pagliara: Offering Transparent & Honest Solutions to Protect Clients’ Assets

Ben Franklin once said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. That sentiment is reflected perfectly in the workings of Tim Pagliara. With over three decades of experience in the Wealth Management industry as a seasoned financial advisor, he takes an educational approach with his clients.

Tim is the Founder, Chairman, and CIO of CapWealth, an independent investment advisory firm that builds wealth management solutions to meet investors’ challenges in an uncertain world. The firm practices various effective strategies to understand the complicated global market landscape in order to develop straightforward investment ideas for its clients. Tim understands clients are anxious about their money. So, he provides insights about his work to ease their concerns and answers any questions they have.

We came across Tim in our endeavor to find ‘The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Wealth Management.’ In the following profile, we dig … Read more