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Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:ORMP) (Q2) EPS projected of 61 cents, compared to 28 cents in the prior-year quarter.

SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC) (Q1) EPS projected for loss of 11 cents, compared to a gain of 11 cents in the prior-year quarter.


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Planet 13 Holdings Inc (C.PLTH) (Q4) EPS projected of 6.5 cents, compared to breakeven in the prior-year quarter.



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Paychex Inc. (NASDAQ: PAYX) (Q3) EPS projected of 93 cents, compared to 97 cents in the prior-year quarter.

Lindsay Corporation (NYSE: LNN) (Q2) EPS projected of 88 cents, compared to 51 cents in the prior-year quarter.

The Greenbrier Companies (NYSE GBX)(NYSE:GBX) (Q2) EPS projected for loss of 39 cents, compared to a gain of 46 cents … Read more

The Upsides Of Cryptocurrency

A decade ago, cryptocurrency might have been too new a concept for many people to take a real interest in. Things are a lot different now, though, thanks to how things have developed over the years.

Currencies like Bitcoin continue to hit record highs as fascination with blockchain technology continues to surge. Anyone who hasn’t staked their claim on this digital asset is becoming increasingly behind the times, so it’s definitely worth getting involved if you haven’t done so already. The volatility of cryptocurrency might seem too risky, but there’s no denying all the benefits that come from dealing with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and similar currencies.

If you need convincing about why you should be buying and trading in this digital asset, look no further. The advantages listed here showcase precisely why cryptocurrency is a wise investment for your future.

Transactions Are Far Smoother

Dealing with a middleman can cause a … Read more

AIS Technolabs: Delivering Immersive Gaming Experience, while Developing Strong Customer Relationships

Leading game development companies are contributing significantly towards the video game markets globally. They are providing exceptional interactive games, while providing lasting customer experiences. These companies are embracing innovation to ensure that their customers are satisfied and keep demanding for more.

One such prominent name in the gaming space, which is revamping the industry is AIS Technolabs. It is a leading and reputed game development company that is backed up with a team of experienced and skilled designers and developers who create future-ready games for the clients across the globe.

The company is renowned for offering high-end gaming solutions to small and large businesses. AIS Technolabs consists of a team of experts who help the clients to transform their vision into reality. It provides services to various industries and people within gaming, app, and website domains. The company is determined to solve the problems of the business and help … Read more

Fast Travel Games: Revolutionising the VR Gaming Experience

VR Gaming, which was just a fantasy a decade ago is now the reality for gamers. And with the gaming world experiencing revolutionary changes in the past decade, game developers have new opportunities as well as challenges to adopting ever-evolving technology to stay ahead of the competition.

Fast Travel Games is one such VR exclusive game developer founded by the trio Oskar Burman, CEO and Co-founder, and the gaming industry veterans Erik Odeldahl, and Kristoffer Benjaminsson, focusing on creating games rich in world-building and storytelling.

Since its inception in 2016, Fast travel Games have released 3 award-winning VR games – Apex Construct, The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets, and Budget Cuts 2: Mission Insolvency, the latter co-developed with another studio called Neat Corporation.

Now the company is set to create yet another milestone in the VR gaming space by releasing the first-ever VR game set … Read more

Gamestream: Leading the Cloud Gaming Space

Did you know the first electronic game was invented in the 1950s? With the video games reaching mainstream popularity, in the early 1970s came the first video game named Pong, a table tennis-themed arcade video game.

With the technological evolution, today individuals have it easy to download and play games on their personal devices, any time anywhere. However, what was thought of only as a pastime, video games emerged as among the huge means of entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when all the entertainment and leisure activities were put to a halt.

Sell, a French Leisure Software Publishers Union published a survey in 2020 that showed one-third of French gamers play more than before the first lockdown. This shows the need and rising demand for video games by the individuals to help them get through this uncertain time. However, what is crucial is for the game developers and publishers … Read more