Handling Your Company’s Data Is A Lot Of Work: Here’s How To Handle It

It doesn’t matter what your company does and whether you have a small or large corporation, the truth is, you are gathering some type of data on your consumers. Every business owner must be aware of the fact that his or her users deserve some kind of transparency in how your firm manages, secures, and protects it.

Unfortunately, recent statistics are not very optimistic when it comes to this. Namely, they have shown that cyber-attacks have stricken more than sixty percent of companies. It is easy to see that they are happening too frequently.

That’s why you have to do anything that’s in your power to prevent them. It may not be the easiest task in the world, but it surely is doable. Today, we will share some tips that just might come in handy.

Ways Companies Can Handle Their Data

Secure Your Data

You must ensure that whatever has … Read more

How to resolve common IT issues in the workplace

Overhauling your IT is a big step, however, and one that’s likely to throw up all sorts of issues. Here then are a few tips on how to fix the most common IT issues you might experience in the workplace, helping you to build towards a better approach to business technology.

“My computer is running slowly.”

Windows isn’t inherently slow any more than MacOS is inherently fast; it’s all about how good your workstation is. There are three key components of a PC that dictate how fast it will run – the CPU (the ‘brain’), the hard drive (long-term storage), and the RAM (temporary storage).

A better CPU is a big upgrade, but also has the biggest impact on overall system performance. RAM is most useful for people who are multitasking, such as having lots of windows or tabs open at once. However, the easiest way to give your workstations … Read more

The CBD Vape Market Could Be Worth $28 Billion by 2027

The CBD vape market could gain big momentum. In fact, according to Data Bridge Market Research, the market could be worth up to $28.05 billion by 2027. “Increasing CBD oil usage in several medical applications such as treatment of anxiety and depression, stress relief, diabetes prevention, mitigation of pain, alleviation of cancer symptoms, and acne reduction will likely accelerate the growth of the CBD vape juice market in the forecast period of 2020-2027.” That’s a strong catalyst for companies, such as Pure Extracts Technologies Corp. (CSE:PULL)(OTC:PRXTF)(XFRA:A2QJAJ), Aleafia Health Inc. (TSX:AH)(OTC:ALEAF), Canopy Growth Corporation (NASDAQ:CGC)(TSX:WEED), Tilray Inc. (TSX:TLRY)(NASDAQ:TLRY), and Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (CSE:TRUL)(OTC:TCNNF).

Look at Pure Extracts Technologies (CSE:PULL)(OTC:PRXTF)(XFRA:A2QJAJ), for example

Pure Extracts Technologies just announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Pure Extracts Manufacturing Corp., has developed and is in production of innovative 1 gram, full spectrum oil (FSO), vape cartridges for the Canadian retail market.

With a trend towards larger cartridges … Read more

Top 10 PR Agencies Leading the Digital Evolution

No Boundaries Marketing Group: Educating Small Businesses and Empowering them to Thrive

As world is becoming more digital, it is more than ever essential for businesses to have a measurable online presence. But due to huge competition and multiple options for customers, it is not so easy for small businesses to thrive in the online world. Having online presence is tougher for small and medium sized businesses. However, with right strategy and guidance even small and medium sized businesses can also thrive. Taking this gap into consideration, No Boundaries Marketing Group was incepted to help small to medium sized businesses to level the playing field across the country.

No Boundaries Marketing Group is educating the small and medium sized businesses and is enabling them to thrive. The company is all about helping small businesses grow. The Owner and Chief Digital Architect of No Boundaries Marketing Group, Christopher Amos, has … Read more

5 Quality Standards That Every Vape Device Should Pass

The recent legalization of weed has led to a dramatic increase in the number of vapes in the market. Like other products, vape devices are available in different qualities. Although there are many premium-quality vapes, it’s easy to land on inferior ones.

In other words, it can be a daunting task to get the best vape devices. You can find the answer to ‘a vape shop near me‘ quite easily; however, that is not enough as there are multiple factors that you need to keep in mind while purchasing this item.

Luckily, there are some defining characteristics you can use to avoid losing your money on shoddy vapes.

How to Identify Quality Vapes

1.       The Vapor Path

The vapor path in a vape should be made of superior quality materials. Some materials such as plastics can produce toxic compounds when hot air passes through them, which can compromise your health.… Read more