5 Marketing Channels You Shouldn’t Ignore

As much as you’d like your products and services to speak for themselves – the market is just too big and busy. Corporate giants and promising underdogs are all vying for the top spot. If you want to have a competitive presence, you need to be ready to duke it out where it matters the most – marketing.

Now, there are many marketing channels available, some more well-known than others. You’ve probably heard of advertising techniques like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, video ads, and social media marketing. You may even have some in place for your business already.

But is that enough for you to develop an edge?

Here are five marketing channels you shouldn’t ignore:


Reddit is a social news aggregation website that calls itself the “front page of the internet.” Users can gather content and information from all kinds of sources and host discussions on the site. From … Read more

8 Most Reliable Ways to Earn a Fortune Before You Die

Many people out there would like to get their hands on a large sum of money. They have quite a few things that they can spend it on, such as buying their dream house, paying for top-quality healthcare, and securing a better future for their loved ones.

Are you one of such people? If that is the case, you are in the right place! In this article, you will find a number of reliable ways to earn a fortune before you die, ranging from things like selling collectibles, investing in stocks, and starting a business to growing your career and learning useful skills. Check it out!

Sell Collectibles

Chances are you have quite a few collectibles lying around your house that you are not sure what to do with. If that is the case, you can sell them. Collectables are in high demand, especially if they are well-preserved and unique. … Read more

How Technology Is Being Used To Discover Today’s Medicine

Since prehistory, humans have been seeking ways to alleviate symptoms from ailments and injury as well as searching for ways to heal and recover or completely prevent disease. There’s an ancient Egyptian manuscript offering instructions for the removal of kidney stones. Step one is to get two strong men.

Medicine has come a long way since then and continues to grow and develop as we learn more. Like most scientific fields, medicine is part of a much greater process involving how humans can come to understand the world, and while it’s easy to look back on something like bloodletting and scoff, it’s important to remember that one day people will be looking back on our medical practices the same way.

There’s endless room for growth, and with the help of technology, human medicine is able to face this growth head-on and improve much faster and much more efficiently. The following Read more

Stronger Than Ever, Boron and This Upstart Explorer Should Be on Every Investor’s Radar

Despite applications abounding in the multi-billion global boron market dominated by just two companies – Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) and Turkey state-owned Eti Mine Works – the opportunity is frequently overlooked by the investment community. Boron is relatively abundant, but the extraction and refining processes complex. Furthermore, certain important boron ores, such as colemanite, are much rarer. As it happens, all the world’s colemanite production today comes from Eti.

That could change as Erin Ventures Inc. (TSX-Venture:EV) looks to disrupt the market with its Piskanja Boron Project in Serbia, roughly 750 miles northwest of Eti. Per an NI 43-101 report amended in February 2019, Erin’s wholly owned boron deposits have an indicated mineral resource of 7.8 million tonnes (averaging 31.0 percent B2O3 (boron trioxide)), and an inferred resource of 3.4 million tonnes (averaging 28.6 percent B2O3).

Projections are for decades-long mine life with the potential to generate $100 million+ in high-margin … Read more

Traits of a Good Leader

Life isn’t getting any easier and if you’re looking to make it in this world, you’ve got to be one of two things: hard working or just plain lucky. Because, although some things will fall into your lap, they are few and far between. So why not take control and start really working for what you want.

Leading Instead of Forcing

Telling someone they must do something may get the job done, but it will come at a cost. Nothing be-littles people faster than being talked down to. In makes us feel inferior, unmotivated and lack passion. And these are key attributes you’ll want your staff to have.

Instead, guide people towards what you need them to achieve. Sometimes it’s just down to the simple wording; “would you mind…”, will get a better response than “do this…” But more often it’s a little more complicated. Ensuring your people are aware … Read more