Fiat vs. Crypto: All That You Need to Know

Fiat and crypto have differences that are obvious while some are obscure. Both are only as valuable as their usefulness in payment processing is. When evaluating the potential investment in either crypto or fiat, however, some find crypto to have more appeal.

Inflation is still a potential factor with cryptocurrencies, but with fiat, it is a sure factor at play. Keeping fiat cash in a bank account will eventually decrease the value of that money. As crypto stands today, its market is so large that it hasn’t even gotten close to saturating it.

What Is Fiat Money?

Paper-bill notes are the most common form of fiat money. To be very specific, fiat is any form of currency in which its value is based on changeable prices and not something inherent. Inherent value in this case would be like that found in gold. The actual gold is what has value and … Read more

Jamjoom Pharma: Redefining Quality and Innovation while Achieving Global Success

The ambition for achieving excellence is what drives any company to zeniths. This excellence could encompass—but not limited to—delivering unparalleled service to its customers, innovating products that add value to the users, or prioritizing on saving the environment.

With excellence being at the crux of their mission, the companies featured in this edition titled, Saudi Arabia’s Most Admired Companies in 2021, exhibit true potential to spark a paradigm shift in the ways that industries and markets will function.

One prominent name among such companies is Jamjoom Pharma, a world-class research-driven and globally recognized leading pharmaceutical company. The company has, in a very short span of time, emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Afrasian region.

Jamjoom Pharmaceuticals was established to provide high-quality healthcare and wellness products at competitive prices for consumers’ benefit. The company strives to set the highest quality standards in everything it does … Read more

PayTabs: Enabling Businesses to Transact Online with Ease and Safety

Saudi Arabia, the country that was famous for its traditional dependence on oil, is now shifting towards innovation, digitization, and entrepreneurship. To strengthen this shift further under Saudi Vision 2030, the Saudi Arabian government aims to raise the contribution of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to the GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030.

As such, there are tremendous growth opportunities and potential for people, businesses, and communities who want to be part of this transformation. And PayTabs, a home-grown payments company is contributing to the Saudi 2030 vision by providing an easier and secure payment gateway.

“We have analyzed the gaps in the payment market and launch solutions that play to the strengths of our diverse and dynamic team,” says Abdulaziz Al Jouf, the Founder and CEO of PayTabs.

Read the following interview where Abdulaziz has shared how he was inspired to venture into payments gateway space … Read more

What Is Top-Down Budgeting And How Can It Affect Various Businesses

In the business world, finding the right budgeting strategy can be crucial to success. A top-down budget refers to a budgeting process in which management makes decisions about the company’s expenditure. Traditionally, budgets were created according to a bottom-up method. Bottom-up is just a top-down method flipped on its head. This article will tell you what top-down budgeting is and how it can impact businesses:

What is Top-Down Budgeting?

Top-down budgeting is when management arranges the company’s budget. The company’s senior management will meet and arrange a budget based on their objectives and goals for the company. To come to a final budget, the company’s management will take the current market into considerations. They will also discuss the previous year’s financial budget, how it worked, and if any changes need to be made to it or if they can implement the same budget. Senior management will also take tax, inflation, … Read more

Hydrogen Demand Could Create a Potential Trillion-Dollar Opportunity

Hydrogen is expected to play a key role with green energy. In fact, according to analysts at UBS, as quoted by CNBC, “Global discussions around the potential for a hydrogen (H2) economy have accelerated in the past 12-months… H2 has been well discussed as one of the major contributing forces in helping decarbonize the world’s economy, in particular given that some industries cannot easily make the battery shift.” In addition, the firm said that with supportive policies, and falling costs, hydrogen could make up about 10% of global energy use by 2050, creating a potential trillion-dollar opportunity. That could be beneficial for companies such as Jericho Energy Ventures (TSXV:JEV)(OTC:JROOF), Plug Power (NASDAQ:PLUG), Ballard Power (NASDAQ:BLDP), Bloom Energy (NYSE:BE), and FuelCell Energy (NASDAQ:FCEL).

In addition, analysts at Bank of America once noted that green hydrogen could be worth more than $11 trillion by 2050. Even Goldman Sachs said the hydrogen market … Read more