Donna Loughlin: Delivering Results that Drive Leadership, Momentum and Growth

The importance of news industry has everlasting impact on the lives of people. This medium has the power to make a tangible impact on larger sections of society through the stories it can tell. To deliver efficient public services having good platform is important. In 2001, Donna Loughlin formed LMGPR to provide strategic public relations (PR) services to emerging tech companies. Donna is a PR veteran known for her tenacity and creativity in leading public relations programs for early-stage technology innovators taking them from start-up to IPO and often acquisition.

“LMGPR’s goal is to create a strategic partnership with its clients where public relations and communications become key tools for helping clients achieve their business objectives.”

Being Exposed to Media from Young Age

Donna’s biggest influence was growing up in the pre-digital age in the newspaper industry. At a young age she was exposed to news reporting, publishing, and the … Read more

Jennifer Cisneros: Promoting a Culture of Water Innovation

Effective leaders see their daily activities as opportunities to grow in their personal and professional life. On a larger scale, effective leaders see agency-wide projects as doors through which they can get a glimpse on how the organization is doing as well as the steps required to help the company grow.

One such transformational and empowering leader is Jennifer Cisneros. She is the Vice President of Marketing at BioMicrobics, Inc. She promotes a culture of Water Innovation. Jennifer is excited to share her personal experiences and provide tips for career advancement in today’s competitive environment. She shares three key behaviors that have helped her be effective in her current role, and gives us a short snapshot on her employer ’s social media landscape. Lastly, she lists some tips that may be helpful for women pursuing a similar career path. Her experience makes her a top thought leader in her … Read more

Nina Marino: A Proficient White-Collar Defense Attorney

Being a white-collar defense attorney is a weighty responsibility because someone’s future is dependent on your strategy and ability to execute. A lawyer ’s work involves advising clients on all parts of the law and presenting their best case both in and out of court. As the business environment continues to be competitive, an adviser should be well informed, prompt, and attentive. Leading with all these skills, Nina Marino is an internationally recognized, white-collar criminal defense attorney.

A co-founder of her firm, Kaplan Marino, Nina represents business professionals, executives, public figures, and other individuals who are under investigation or targeted by serious allegations of white collar and other criminal matters.

In an interview with Insights Success, Nina sheds light on leadership, women’s participation in the legal profession and life factors that inspired her.

“Have a vison, decide who and what you want to be and make it so”

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Summer Kim-Davis: Helping People Achieve their Dreams as Homeowners

Women don’t have to be like men to achieve gender equality. All we have to do is embrace our own femininity and grace, by doing so we will offer the greatest contribution to the world. Courage is grace under pressure. With our natural grace, women can confront any pressure and crossover any challenges that may come. It is important for women to be authentic and courageous to lead in the business world with cut-throat competition. Summer Kim-Davis is one such empowered woman who also encourages other women to be authentic and courageous, asking never to lose the grace being a woman. She advises women to go against the grain and be bold, and courageous in the pursuit of their goals without giving into the opinions of anyone else. She is the Founder of IKON Mortgage, Inc.

In an interview with Insights Success, Summer Kim-Davis shares her journey and her contribution … Read more

Taiwing Tian: Leading to Bring Impact Around Her

A truly impactful leadership has dual focus where it moves a team towards the goal while also nurturing their individual growth. It’s an impressive act. Leaders, who make an impact, recognize and prioritize their team members’ growth as much as their end goal. Let’s read about the story of one such business personality who believes in such kind of leadership and making an actual impact through it. “I think an impactful leadership is a combination of courage, humility, resilience, commitment, strength, hardworking, and with a warm heart,” says Taiwing Tian. She is the Co-founder of Switching-Time and recognized to have a triumphed career at a young age. She further adds “I personally prefer a leadership that is to listen, to inspire, to empower and to support. That’s the direction and style we try to shape our key leaders at the agency.”

“Our Motto at Switching-Time is Be Bold,

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