Donna Conroy: Innovating Clinical Data Analytics to Accelerate Drug Development

Our common global enemy is disease, so we built a system for pharma that uses data to accelerate development of drugs to fight emerging diseases,” says Donna Conroy.

Donna Conroy, M.S. is CEO and Founder of SciMar ONE, LLC, a clinical data analytics technology company. Throughout her career, Donna has focused on two passions: translating complicated science to evolve drug development and building work environments that support women – especially working mothers, a mission close to her heart.

Donna oversees SciMar ’s day-to-day business and uses her extensive scientific background to support the clinical team. Through her leadership at SciMar, Donna was named one of New Jersey’s Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs and was accepted into the prestigious Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator, 2020. Donna credits participation in Microsoft’s Women In Cloud Accelerator for stimulating key ideas and providing access to opportunities to catapult SciMar to where it … Read more

Gail Mercer-MacKay: Serving Clients with Integrity

Passion plus experience equals great results. An avid marketer, Gail Mercer-MacKay combined a passion for storytelling with years of sales & marketing experience gained at technology firms to found MercerMacKay Solutions.

As a business owner and innovator, Gail understands the challenges of the corporate world and believes strongly in mentorship as a path to produce results. She has inspired many to forge their own IT journey. Along with her enthusiasm for story-telling, Gail is a problem-solver committed to helping people build valuable business and personal connections.

During her years working in the world of IT sales, Gail learned the kind of messaging that customers want to hear from technology companies, but it was when she left the role of VP of Sales & Marketing for a Microsoft ISV that her entrepreneurial journey really began. She started a small agency helping Microsoft partners tell their stories, market themselves and connect with … Read more

Geneviève Desautels: Harnessing Innovations to Create Immersive and Unique Learning Experiences

To sustain in the competitive world with cut-throat competition one needs to keep learning continuously to avail the advantage over others. Traditional methods of skills development no longer meet the needs of the ever-changing work environment. This leads to the learning decline in the workplace. Recognizing this, Geneviève Desautels decided to find a technological solution to this learning decline in the workplace. That’s where illuxi, an interactive e-learning platform, came in. As a CEO, Geneviève is steering the ship of illuxi.

Geneviève worked in human resources for over 15 years before starting her professional coaching company. Through her journey coaching executives and managers in 300+ companies, she noticed that companies had less money and less time for learning and development efforts. An urge to bridge this gap led her to incept illuxi.

Promoting Lifelong Learning Opportunities for All

At illuxi, its team members focus on promoting lifelong learning … Read more

Kiyeon Nam: Preventing Kids from Going Missing and Keeping Them Safe Through Smart Wear IoT Solution

Growing a small company into a universal brand is like climbing a mountain; the journey has many obstacles. For a leader, a positive attitude inspires him/her to keep moving forward. One such innovative leader is Kiyeon Nam, the Inventor, Founder, and CEO of B’ZT® (Beacon Zone Technology).

Kiyeon’s passion and dedication to create something new are unmatched. Her experience as a fashion designer and business merchandiser brings a special kind of creativity and affordability to fashion technology. In addition, her desire to improve herself and everyone around her makes her a great leader.

Compassionate for the Vulnerable

The global issue of missing children is staggering. According to FBI statistics, one child in America goes missing every minute. Young children, especially with autism and similar conditions, are prone to wandering off. Researchers have found that almost half of autistic children attempt to wander away, usually into dangerous situations.

The tracking device … Read more

Kristen Miller: Revolutionizing the Omni-Channel Shopping Experience

Meaningful innovation is what transforms an entrepreneur into a successful business leader. Connecting dots, building bridges to fill the gaps, and bringing a different approach is what drives innovation. All of these distinct traits can be easily pointed out in Kristen Miller’s leadership approach. Kristen is a seasoned entrepreneur who has founded four successful companies in the Home Improvement and Retail industry and is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Stylyze.

At Stylyze, Kristen’s mission is to provide a platform for retailers that revolutionize the omnichannel shopping experience. Stylyze’s platform synthesizes the elements of the in-store experience previously missing from the virtual and digital space, refining and advancing the online customer journey of the future. Leveraging cloud technology, Stylyze is partnering with some of the largest retailers in the US to transform their customer experiences.

Kristen is an inspirational leader and advisor for the Women in Cloud community, and she … Read more