13 Dynamite Tips for Female Entrepreneurs to Succeed

Those days are gone when women were not given equal positions in the workspace. Today, women are leaders and self-entrepreneurs who run the workforce.

According to the US Chamber Foundation, 2% of women-owned businesses have ten or more employees. Female entrepreneurship has grown many folds in the last few years.

Whether it’s a self-owned freelance business or a corporate company, women leaders are shining everywhere today. However, this doesn’t mean challenges for women entrepreneurs have been reduced by any means.

Women still have to balance work-home life. They have to juggle marriage, pregnancy, and board meetings together to succeed in their career. Challenges for women entrepreneurs are always high – dealing with orthodox mentalities to social stigmas, a career woman’s life is never easy.

This post is a small effort to help young women entrepreneurs overcome all the challenges and succeed. Below some tips are mentioned that can help career-oriented … Read more

Strategies to create an inclusive workplace for persons of all genders, nationalities and backgrounds

Discrimination based on sex, nationality, or ethnic background is strictly prohibited under the law in almost all countries. Employers must provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all employees and ensure no one is discriminated against or harassed.

Here are a few tips to help your workplace comply;

Have an anti-discrimination policy in place

Have your HR draft an anti-discrimination policy, which will then be brought to the attention of all your employees.

The policy needs to be very clear and include specific cases, covering all types of discrimination.

Let your employees know there will be consequences if they do not comply.

Every time you hire someone new, have them read the anti-discrimination policy.

Hold training sessions

People tend to forget stuff, so it’s good to remind them of the basics of your anti-discrimination policy. Hold seminars and training sessions. Make each session specific to a certain type of discrimination.… Read more

What Makes The Perfect Conference Event? Find Out Here

It’s no secret that conferences are a great way to educate people on topics they may not know much about. It is also a good opportunity for those in attendance to connect with others and grow their network. But, there is more to it than just the education aspect of the conference itself. Conferences need to have a lot going on for them to keep everyone interested and engaged throughout all sessions. Here are some important considerations when planning your next conference event!

1. Location

This is probably THE most important aspect of any conference because it sets the tone for everything else. Where your meeting is held can have a huge impact on how many people can attend. Some venues are also inaccessible for certain types of people (e.g., wheelchair-bound). If your company/department is hosting the conference, then they might already have a location and an audio visual hire … Read more

5 Top HR Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in numerous ways. The transformation of the modern workplace has been one of the biggest impacts of pandemic-driven restrictions.

The accelerated implementation of remote work policies has compelled HR professionals to find new solutions for recruiting, nurturing, and retaining employees. That, in turn, has escalated the rise of HR tech companies.

Whether you’re looking to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce or want to leverage people analytics for employee development, HR tech companies have the right solutions in-store.

They use a strategic combination of automation and digitization to simplify the jobs of HR professionals and help them manage a distributed workforce. It isn’t surprising that the HR tech solutions market is worth more than $148 billion.

According to PwC’s HR Technology Survey 2020, business organizations were already spending $310 per employee per year on HR tech. Also, 74% of companies planned to Read more

Money Lending Company: Process of Applying for a Loan

For many people, moneylenders are the go-to place for instant money. They offer a fast and simple way to borrow money without having to deal with banks or credit card companies. With so much competition in the market, money lenders have had to find new ways of attracting customers. One way is through lower interest rates than most banks could offer.

A money lender Singapore is someone who lends money to people in a fast and efficient way. There has been a surge of money lenders in the past few years because more and more people are having trouble with debt due to credit card companies. To learn more about how you can apply for a loan from a moneylender, read on!

How to Apply for a Loan from Moneylenders?

The process of applying for a loan from moneylenders is easier than what you will have to go through when … Read more