Electric vehicle start-up Arrival runs out of juice

An electric vehicle start-up that once claimed to be one of Britain’s biggest unicorns has warned that it does not have enough cash to keep going for the next year and will not generate revenue until 2024.

Shares in the New York-listed Arrival dropped by 35.9 per cent, or 21 cents, to close at 38 cents in New York last night after it warned of “material uncertainties about going concern” and reported widening quarterly losses.

Declaring that all options to obtain funding were on the table, Arrival said a previous plan to raise hundreds of millions of dollars — in order to deliver its first vehicles in Britain this year and to launch a microfactory in the United States next year — had been shelved “due to the current market cap and average daily trading volumes”.

Since it went public via a “blank cheque” merger in March 2021, Arrival’s stock … Read more

Your persona achieves acceleration and lift off when you attach it to a Cause-related ‘Campaign’ – Jamie Oliver Is A Master At This

Throwing different-sized content blades from a variety of release points is all well and good for day-to-day image maintenance, but even the best one-day story doesn’t elevate your profile to enough height with enough longevity unless it’s accompanied with a series of full-scale campaigns that are fully wrapped around it.

‘The Campaign’ evokes a sense of urgency, purpose and legitimacy for any image building, putting your persona on a particular trajectile.

It also glides through all the sometimes tangential, sporadic press opportunities you might have landed by joining up all the dots.

It also visibly draws in and namechecks many of your associates without the process looking in any way forced.

The right campaign disguises all of your mechanics. Like in a good film, you stop seeing the edits, you stop noticing the music, you just fall into the world you’re viewing.

The Campaign creates that immersive experience for your … Read more