Secrets of Success: Christopher Bo Shields, Co-founder, Totem

Totem is a hybrid events platform that allows users to host events of any size – from a roundtable of ten to a multi-track event for 10,000 people.

Chris Bo Shields has reimagined the event space in the wake of Covid-19 which has seen Totem launch its own hybrid events platform in 2020. He speaks about his journey to Business Matters …

What problem does your company solve?

Totem helps clients to create their own white-labelled bespoke branded events landscape so that they are not sharing the same experience with their competitors. Totem connects in-person and virtual guests together through a shared experience, using video and chat. Forrester recently published a report that predicted that as we move back to something approaching real life, the hybrid model will take over, blending both physical and virtual elements.

What type of businesses do you work with?

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Ways Military Veterans Can Achieve Success in the Business World

Military veterans have achieved a lot of success during the time they served our country, and they can also achieve success when transitioning back into the civilian world. There are several different industries that veterans go into after retiring from the military, and here are some ways that they can become successful.

Start Your Own Business

Veterans can have their own certified business, known as a VOB (veteran-owned business) or a VOSB (veteran-owned small business). It doesn’t matter which industry your business operates in, as long as you’re a veteran and you own and operate at least 51% of the business. What’s most important is that you get your business certified, and this can be done if you’ve just started or even if your business is already established. Veterans can start any type of business they wish, and here are a few ideas:

  • Accounting
  • Automotive
  • Cleaning
  • Coffee
  • Computers
  • Consultant
  • Entertainment
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Traditional Marketing Strategies that Still Work in Today’s Business Landscape

In the days before the digital revolution, companies marketed their businesses using largely traditional methods. Some of these methods included going door-to-door, direct mail, and buying radio or TV airtime to help promote their products and services.

Today, most marketing efforts are concentrated within the digital space. Due to the large number of people gravitating toward buying goods online, companies need to reach out to where the customer is actively buying. This is why we see such a large number of digital marketing campaigns across the modern business world.

Though digital marketing is a wave that every company has to ride in order to be successful, there are still some traditional methods that can be leveraged in order to get an edge over the competition.

Here, we’ll explore some traditional marketing tactics which are still relevant today.


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Made in Britain: Online photography brand,

Former New York Times writer Benji Lanyado of explains how his company is changing the world of online photography.

Tell us about your business?

I’m Benji Lanyado, the CEO and founder of Picfair is a photography platform that powers over half a million photography portfolios across the globe. Our free store builder helps any photographer sell their images in multiple formats at prices they choose – with ecommerce, print production and global delivery all neatly baked into the design.

What was the inspiration behind your business?

I used to be a travel writer for the Guardian and the New York Times, and spent a huge amount of time sourcing imagery for my pieces. It drove me crazy that the only options available to me were crappy, inauthentic agency stock images.

I started digging into the mechanics of buying and selling images online and was amazed by how broken … Read more