Homelessness could cost Government £2.6 billion if it fails to act now, The Big Issue has revealed

The Big Issue has revealed that if the Government does not take action to address the full £360 million in rent arrears now it could cost them an extra £2,234,025,000 on top of that later.

The Big Issue’s Stop Mass Homelessness (SMASSH) campaign is calling on the Government to address the £360 million in rent arrears which was accrued during the pandemic, arguing this could save them over £2 billion in the future.

Utilising a study published in 2016 from the charity Crisis called ‘Better than Cure?’, The Big Issue has worked out it costs the Government £9,266 for every person made homeless, whereas the price of preventing homelessness is only £2,263.

The Big Issue used research from Citizens Advice showing that half a million renters went into arrears during the pandemic, resulting in £360 million in rent debt, alongside data from a YouGov poll run by StepChange, which saw … Read more

With a little help from my friends: Support networks growing entrepreneurs need for success

We are social creatures by nature, and this is no different within the business world, where the ability to connect and collaborate, or foster positive professional relationships is directly linked to success and longevity.

However, the life of an entrepreneur, particularly in the initial stages of founding and growing their company, is often marked by long, gruelling hours spent working and making critical decisions alone. While being your own boss is one of the primary attractions to becoming an entrepreneur, it is also an inherently risky endeavour that can leave you shouldering a lot of responsibility.

As John Donne famously said, “No man is an island”, and we tend to do worse when we isolate ourselves from others. In a business context, surrounding yourself with the right people and influences as you grow your business and develop as an entrepreneur, can help mitigate this isolation and keep you … Read more

Secrets of Success: Michael Colijn, CEO of Heliox

There’s nothing more current right now than the notion of sustainability and EV powered products.

Rapid charging therefore is essential to the framework for the country moving to adhere to all of the Government’s plans for a more planet friendly future. Heliox provides rapid charging infrastructure for some of the largest EV projects in Europe. Michael Colijn talks to Business Matters …

What products or services do you provide?

Heliox designs, builds, installs, maintains and monitors such infrastructure based on the needs of partners, prioritising on rapid charging, ability to scale in the medium and long run, and interoperability of fleet and charging infrastructure.

We work across public transport, e-trucks and a number of different sectors to provide fast charging systems that can efficiently power EVs for business and consumer convenience. We recently announced that in the last six months we have supplied over 1,000,000 charging sessions, the equivalent of … Read more