Joel Sutherland: Bequeathing Future Visionaries of Supply Chain

The supply chain profession continuously evolves, creating more intricate systems to handle. In addition, the recent Pandemic outspread brought more challenges piling on the existing ones, demanding innovative solutions to rise from the precarious landscape of difficulties. Understanding the profession’s ins-and-outs is essential to guide the potential talent to face these hurdles. With over four decades of experience in the supply chain profession, Joel Sutherland educates the future supply chain talent with his profound knowledge. He is the Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management at the University of San Diego, developing and delivering industry workshops and seminars, sharing his extensive knowledge as an industry speaker, and securing/overseeing consulting projects to enhance experiential education for students.

An Uphill Climb

Joel earned an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BS degree in logistics management from the University of Southern California. Since 2006, Joel has been in academia full time, first … Read more

Tarun Rai Khurana: The Supply Chain Management Maestro

He is a versatile C-level strategic supply chain & procurement professional with 21 years of dynamic experience. He has effectively handled SCM process of all the companies he has worked in and continues to deliver on the great standards he has set for himself. He is seen as an expert in this field.

Meet Tarun Rai Khurana, a determined and passionate leader and the Head of Purchase & Supply Chain Management (Asst. Vice President) at Chemicals Business of UFlex limited.

Tarun has risen to every challenge enthusiastically, which has created opportunities for The Chemicals Business of UFlex to make its supply chain fast and dependent. He has helped the company stay true to its roots and deliver world-class experience to all its clients.

We at Insights Success caught up with Tarun to learn about his journey and how he is driving the growth of UFlex.

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Jenniffer Breitenstein, Kellie Harrison and Kim Molkoski: The Dynamic Trio Disrupting the Insuretech Market

Insuretech means many things to many people. It typically describes a warranty company that provides a software platform that facilitates warranty sales by eCommerce providers. But it is so much more.

OnPoint Warranty Solutions connects brands and consumers through API Forward Insuretech and dynamic mobile and warranty service solutions designed to reduce risk, increase efficiency, delight customers, and improve bottom lines. In this Women’s History Month 2022, we highlight Jenniffer Breitenstein, Kellie Harrison, and Kim Molkoski, the dynamic women of OnPoint that have helped propel the company as a leader in the insuretech, mobile and warranty verticals, all while keeping an eye on customer experience.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Jenniffer brings a collaborative, solution-oriented leadership style that’s been critical in bringing innovative insuretech and warranty solutions. OnPoint offer clients and consumers the ability to seamlessly offer and purchase personalized warranty protection and on-demand service solutions. With an eye … Read more

Karen Viera: Maintaining a Laser-Focused Concentration on Achieving Commercial Objectives

One often reaches a point where one feels stagnant with their choices, pondering questions like, are you doing something you love? Are you getting closer to your objective, or are you getting further away, eventually becoming a watershed moment in your life.

Karen Viera experienced the same thing when she started her professional career with a summer architecture internship. However, she quickly discovered that her passion for business and people was better aligned with human resources. And as time went on, she continued to branch out into new fields of work to widen her commercial horizons. Currently, Karen is a Global Chief People Officer at Church’s Chicken, a 70-year brand and private equity owned quick-service restaurant chain.

Insights Success caught up with Karen in our endeavor to find “The10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders to Follow in 2022” to know more about her journey.

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Marina Tognetti: A Language Barrier Removed!

Taking live lessons from the comfort of one’s home or office is no longer a difficult task. Leveraging the opportunity to offer classes through a live virtual classroom to professionals all around the globe is Marina Tognetti, whose company delivers live tutoring of 45 languages over the net. She is the Founder and CEO of mYngle, a global quality language learning platform, one of the pioneers in the field. Lessons at mYngle are delivered using a virtual classroom, a tool consisting of VoIP combined with an integrated whiteboard.

Before founding mYngle, Marina had more than 20 years of experience as an international manager, had lived in different countries and learned six languages, she therefore knows very well the benefits of communicating in a native language. She was prompted to start mYngle after the difficulties she faced while trying to learn Chinese in a way that could be combined … Read more