Kelly Davies: Offering a Bespoke Experience for Buyers & Sellers

A journey that began a decade ago as an independent real estate agent passionate about providing exemplary customer service to every person with dedication and hard work, Kelly Davies gradually built her business brick by brick.

However, understanding the reality of the market, Kelly began to assemble a team that grew together to become exceptional, personalized, and detailed-oriented agents in the niche. Today, the Kelly Davies Homes Team implements their integrity, expertise, and professionalism assists clients in every aspect of the buying and selling process.

Reaching the point where Kelly and the team help people find their dream home wasn’t all roses; several challenges acted as thorns, the major one being the financial aspect. She expresses, “It’s difficult to start and run a business. I’ve had to reinvest a significant amount of personal money into the business, which is always a challenge. Having faith in myself and believing that I Read more

Karen Simon: Delivering Perfect Real Estate Solutions

Emersons Commercial Real Estate has put together a team of experts who run a platform designed to align resources and maximize values, specializing in property management, sales, leasing, and consulting. Due to the sheer dedication of the company’s passionate team led by Karen Simon, Emersons is delivering industry-leading solutions matching clients’ expectations. As the President and Managing Partner at Emersons Commercial Real Estate, Tarrant County Division, Karen exceeded every parameter with flying colors.

Leading by example, Karen aims to impact the real estate business by being punctual and exploring vast opportunities. She is a mentor for other women who have been forging their way into the sector for the last 30 years. She believes that female industrial and commercial realtors have made a great deal of progress and emphasizes that there is still room for growth and opportunity. She intends to bridge the gap between learning and executing by … Read more

Fintech focused LHV UK bank opens its second UK hub in Leeds

LHV UK, a leading banking services provider to over 200 fintech and crypto companies has announced the opening of its second UK office in Leeds.

The Company’s engineering and development teams, who will be tasked with building a proprietary online customer portal specifically tailored for the Company’s B2B fintech clients, will be based in the Leeds office.

LHV UK chose Leeds as its second UK office location because of the city’s well-established fintech ecosystem and the wider region’s highly skilled workforce. In addition, LHV UK is currently pursuing a UK banking licence as part of the parent LHV Group’s plans to separate the business operations of its retail bank, LHV Bank, from those of the London headquartered fintech focussed LHV UK. Since 2018, the Company has operated in the UK as LHV Bank’s UK branch. This move will simplify compliance with regulatory and supervisory requirements and enable LHV UK to … Read more

Steve Lewey: A Significant Example of Adaptive Leadership

A young boy from the rural town of DeRidder, Louisana, was introduced to the moving and storage industry at the age of 14; today, he leads as the President at Beltmann Integrated Logistics. Meet Steve Lewey, who had an unconventional professional journey and has worked his way up with sheer determination and business acumen.

Steve started his first job as the mover/helper at Allied Van Lines; he also worked as the lumper assisting in the loading and unloading of shipments. He kept learning various skills, and soon he was helping with packing items and inventorying shipments. By the time he had graduated high school, Steve was one of the most requested helpers from drivers conducting moving-packing work within 50 miles of his hometown. Steve caught the bug of working in the logistics arena in the 1980s, making $80 a day, which was significant for his age.

The Path Read more