Compensation and the ‘law of everything’: why data protection isn’t the new PPI

Data protection is seldom out of the headlines these days. Whether its massive data breaches involving multinational companies, members of the royal family suing national newspapers.

Even the legality of your Ring doorbell provides a data protection angle to many news stories.

Maybe this isn’t so surprising. The modern world increasingly runs on the fuel of personal information. From our weekly shop, to our music and television consumption, personalisation is at the heart of our increasingly connected society. There are huge benefits from this trend, both for us as consumers and for the companies who collect our information. But there are also risks, particularly where companies misuse our data or allow it to fall into the wrong hands.

Data protection law is intended to give us as individuals rights over how our data is used, and to impose obligations on organisations that process that data. As the trends towards increased … Read more

Entrex Art Market, LLC: A Revolutionary Blockchain-Enabled Platform Democratizing Art Ownership

insights successEntrex Art Market, LLC: A Revolutionary Blockchain-Enabled Platform Democratizing Art OwnershipInsightsSuccess

Until now, artists and their curators have typically sold creations to a singular buyer. Companies, on the other hand, have been able to sell their equity and asset-backed securities to multiple buyers through regulated markets, in the process creating increased value and liquidity.

Then was born the idea of fusing art trading with blockchain, an idea born from the mind of Stephen H. Watkins who envisioned that anyone could own a part of world-acclaimed works of art through a regulatory-compliant marketplace. Thus, Entrex Art Market, LLC was conceived.

The art industry is buzzing with the stories of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the various works being sold and securitized. But there’s not much focus on what happens to the display of such pieces if you’ve sold the asset.

The Entrex patented technology creates a unique way to allow the … Read more

Atidot: A Leading Cloud-based Platform for the Life Insurance Industry

With the emergence of modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), many industries got disrupted. Exceptional transformations took place in the way industry processes were run, making them more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective. As industries gradually started adopting these modern technologies, more accurate and precise outcomes resulted in organizations understanding their client’s needs better and delivering them more personalized solutions.

One name among the companies that are leveraging technology to provide customized solutions to their clients is Atidot. Spearheaded by Dror Katzav, the CEO and Co-founder of Atidot, the company is a leading AI cloud-based platform tailored specifically to suit the needs of the life insurance industry, enabling insurers to grow their customer’s Lifetime Value and create new revenues.

In the following interview, Dror talks about the exemplary personalized solutions that the company has been delivering since its inception.

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