How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization

Decentralization, in blockchain, refers to the transfer of control and decision-making power from a centralized entity (individual or institution) to a distributed network.

The essence of decentralization is to markedly minimize the extent of trust that must exist among the users and significantly reduce the level of control or authority they have over themselves in ways that harms the functionality of the network.

Bitcoin as a decentralized system 

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that records transactions in a distributed ledger known as a Blockchain. Bitcoin is the most successful out of several attempts to produce virtual money through cryptography. Bitcoin has inspired the advent of other forms of cryptocurrencies. It remains, for the entirety of the past decade, the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Now, how does Bitcoin decentralization work?

How does decentralization work on Bitcoin?

The decentralization of Bitcoin is dependent on some of the features in the … Read more

‘Think before you tweet’ CEOs told after Just Eat spat with Uber

Chief executives are being warned to “think twice before they tweet” after the boss of takeaway company Just Eat Takeaway was told his Twitter spat with Uber threatened to undermine the firm’s reputation.

Jitse Groen this week became the latest in a growing list of chief executives to be rebuked by customers, investors and even regulators over ill-judged tweets.

Cat Rock Capital Management, an activist investor which has a 4.7% stake in Just Eat, highlighted Groen’s Twitter battle with Uber boss Dara Khosrowshahi as an example of outbursts that damaged the brand. The investor said Groen’s tweets had partly led to the firm being “deeply undervalued and vulnerable to takeover bids at far below its intrinsic value”.

Earlier this year Groen had a rant at financial analysts on Twitter, claiming that “some can’t even do basic maths”. He tweeted that he was “amazed how bad these analysts have become … … Read more

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