All about Commercial (office) mortgage

Purchasing a building for your office can open the door to opportunities being an asset for your business. By having your building, you can have a permanent place for your office. You can get an overflow space that you can lease for paying your mortgage amount. In order to qualify for getting an office mortgage, you should at least own around 51% of the property.

Office mortgage is a good option offering you a number of benefits. There are many better options for a commercial (office) mortgage offering a wide range of features to you. You need to make a list of all the services you are expecting from your mortgage. Clover reverse mortgage is one of the big companies working in the market that offer exceptional services at a pocket-friendly price. The company specializes in office mortgage, Commercial Plaza Mortgage, Construction Project Financing, Industrial Mortgage, Storefront with Apartments/Residential Commercial … Read more

Top Tips for Women Entrepreneurs | How to Navigate the Business World 

About 50 years ago, the idea of women-owned companies would have seemed unfathomable. However, despite challenges like discrimination and gender inequality, women entrepreneurs have continued to emerge and thrive.

Over the years, many women have launched their businesses, with stats showing that women-owned businesses have grown by about 114%. That said, succeeding as an entrepreneur has become increasingly challenging for most women, with access to finance and misinformation being the main barriers. This article highlights some valuable insights for women entrepreneurs on how to navigate the business world.

  • Don’t Be Scared of Failure
    Diving into the world of entrepreneurship is a risky venture that requires one to move outside her comfort zone. Successful entrepreneurs with resumes that contain failures are evidence that taking the necessary risks can often generate positive results. Evidence shows that most women affected by failure allow the challenges to dent their confidence.
    However, it is essential
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Jedlix: Speeding Up the Transitions from Fossil Fuels to Green Power

The automobile industry is making a vast paradigm shift by switching to hybrid electric cars. While these shifts occur in the background, several concerns arise. Can the environment stay sustainable when there is a surge in the usage of energy and power grids? Is the switch to EVs is cost-efficient? Jedlix has developed a technology that charges your electric car quickly, using greener and cheaper energy to resolve these concerns. Jedlix develops and operates a Vehicle-to-Grid Integration (“VGI”) platform to optimize the charging & discharging of electric vehicles and facilitate their insertion into the power grid at scale.

Serge Subiron, the CEO of Jedlix, executes the company’s mission to ensure that all-electric cars start using sustainable energy with his profound knowledge and expertise.

In our endeavor to find ‘The 10 Most Promising EV Solution Providers, 2021′, we came across Jedlix. Insights Success got into a conversation with Serge to understand … Read more

Aceleron: Empowering Global Communities by Increasing Access to Energy Storage Solutions

We are living in a world where the energy crisis is a growing concern. Avoiding energy waste and taking actions that are in harmony with the principle of sustainable development has become more necessary than ever. Many companies took the responsibility to meet the needs of both our present and our future by building solutions keeping sustainability in mind. One such company is Aceleron Ltd.

Aceleron was formed with a mission to accelerate the global shift to cleaner energy usage by creating storage technology that is more accessible to all. The company creates batteries that give people the ability to access and use energy in a cheaper, more effective way because they are easy to repair, reuse, and recycle physically.

We caught up with Amrit Chandan, the Co-founder and CEO of Aceleron, to know more about the company and how it contributes to building sustainable solutions that can minimize … Read more

Things to do on a Family Trip to America

Are you planning a trip to America with your family? And, like every other family, you’re perplexed because America is a vast continent with numerous states. This article can assist you in deciding where to visit in America.

Traveling with family differs from traveling with friends in that your preferences and choices vary when you are traveling with your loved ones.

The United States of America is the most developed country on the planet. You can’t imagine going throughout the United States in a few days; you’ll need months to see everything, which is why we’ve limited this piece to family vacations.

Center for Space Research in the United States

Alabama is known as the United States’ space scientific center. If you want your youngster to understand the extent of space studies, he needs to see its progress in real life.

Your children will be able to enjoy the zero-gravity … Read more