How to Bring an Amazing Improvement in your Twitter Account Marketing in the Shortest Possible Time

If you are trying to grow your brand presence and generate leads for your business online by microblogging, having a Twitter account is a wise choice. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites around. Unlike the very popular Instagram, what you post on Twitter can be read by both registered and unregistered users, although the latter cannot actively engage with them.

This automatically opens up your brand to a more extensive audience base as your Twitter settings are, by default, public. You can use audio and video content in your tweets, making the social networking platform as versatile as any other. This makes the network a favorite for B2B and B2C business houses keen to improve their sales, lead generation, and traffic conversions. Just like on Instagram, where you can easily promote and sell your products online, Twitter is a great platform for developing your brand. With … Read more

5 Best WordPress Plugins for a Secure, Unconventional, Biometric Authentication

It goes without saying that having a secure and fast WordPress site is crucial. Businesses are taking a number of measures to bring frictionless and secure user experience, and passwordless authentication is one of the most effective strategies so far.

We’ll look at five of the most advanced WordPress authentication plugins that have helped businesses increase their conversion by offering secure, conventional, and quick authentication to the users. Most of them are highly rated, comes with a freemium plan, and can provide a wonderful way for users to have a secure and seamless experience on your WordPress website.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for a Secure, Unconventional, Biometric Authentication

1.SAWO Labs

SAWO (Secure Authentication Without OTP) is the most recent and dynamic technology for user authentication and passwordless login. By offering one-tap authentication, it is intended to provide ease to both developers and users for authentication and login related processes.

SAWO’s … Read more

Training Solutions for Business Owners

What comes to mind when you think of employee training? For most entrepreneurs and owners, the term conjures up traditional programs in which one or more current team members show new hires the ropes. While that definition is not technically incorrect, it’s certainly not all-encompassing. That’s because today’s organizations leverage dozens of ways to teach new employees to do their jobs, from in-person teams that focus on a single trainee to fleet management technology that can coach drivers while they’re on the road.

Other popular approaches include assigning a lone mentor to small groups of newcomers, AI (artificial intelligence) courses, stand-alone teaching centers for large groups, and wide-scale internship programs that serve as pipelines to full-time company employment. Which methods work best for your business depends on several factors like company size, industry, what kind of goods and services you sell, and more. Here are more details about the top … Read more

Budget boost for low-earners as minimum wage rises to £9.50 an hour

Rishi Sunak will confirm one of the biggest increases in the minimum wage this week after independent advisers recommended that the main rate should rise to £9.50 an hour.

The Low Pay Commission, a panel of experts, has said that the national living wage, which is paid to the lowest earners aged 23 and over, should increase from £8.91 an hour to £9.50, a rise of 6.6 per cent.

The chancellor will announce in his budget on Wednesday that the government will accept the recommendation, meaning the new rates will take effect from the start of April next year.

Ministers hope the above-inflation increase will help low earners who are struggling with the cost of living and go some way to realising the prime minister’s aspiration of a “high-wage, high-skill, high-productivity economy”.

To someone working 35 hours per week, the increase will be worth an extra £1,074 a year before … Read more