Etech Global Services: Delivering Effortless, Exceptional, and Personal Customer Experiences

In recent times, there is a rising need for personalized and engaging customer experiences across business verticals. The platforms that facilitate transforming customer engagement into revenue opportunities and enhancing business growth are becoming more important. Etech Global Services unifies all customer engagement channels for better customer service experiences and helps them make well-informed decisions. It is a servant leader organization committed to making a remarkable difference for each other, its customers, and within its communities. It provides superior customer experiences and innovative solutions that enable clients to build stronger brands, strengthen customer relationships and gain market share.

Dynamic Leadership

At the helm of Etech are two dynamic leaders, Matt Rocco and Ronnie Mize.

Matt is the President /CEO of Etech Global Services since 2013. He is a 35+ years veteran of the call center / BPO industry. In the past 34 years, he has spent time in every facet … Read more

Ondato: Combating Fraud in Digital Space by Making Identity Verification Simpler, Better and Faster

It’s no secret that supervisory requirements are getting more complicated each year. The dilemma has reached the point where it becomes nearly impossible for small and big businesses to keep track of their supervisory requirements. Seeing all those challenges a couple of years ago, Ondato realized that the market lacks more accessible solutions for compliance management – products that would make KYC management easier and eliminate the risks for non-compliance. That’s when the idea of Ondato was born.

Ondato is a compliance management company that makes it easier for businesses to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. It has a vast range of regulatory compliance tools, identity verification, case management, and screening solutions that help verify identities online and combat fraud in the digital space.

In 2019, Ondato launched a service for KYC, AML, and verification procedures, offering to take care of all things related to … Read more

UAE to invest £10bn in British infrastructure

The United Arab Emirates plans to invest £10 billion in Britain over the next five years, targeting sectors including clean energy, infrastructure, technology and life sciences.

Mubadala, an Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund, made the investment commitment today, saying it would “help accelerate funding and innovation in key sectors that are foundational to economic growth” of both the UK and UAE.

The announcement was made as Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan visited Boris Johnson in London.

The fund marks an expansion of Mubadala’s Sovereign Investment Partnership with Britain’s Office for Investment, agreed earlier this year. In March, Mubadala pledged to invest £800 million in life sciences with Britain’s investment office, which said it was contributing an additional £200 million.

Since then more than £1.1 billion has been deployed, including about £500 million in UK-based CityFibre to provide high-speed broadband. Other sectors the fund has invested in include … Read more

Why Choose Data Science Online Course Over Other Available Options

In a globe where data is present in all places around us, the significance of professionals who can deal with such a vast amount of data and influence it to solve problems is enhanced multiple times. Nowadays, data is not just a piece of information, but something that can be utilized to speak to machines, recognize multifaceted scenarios, anticipate the future, etc. And since it hasn’t been so long since the technology industries have realized the huge and instant need for Data Scientists, the opening of jobs and opportunities are never-ending. If you are going to choose a data science online course, then you must read this article.

Scope of Data Science

If we look at the outcome of recent surveys by learning organizations and universities, we find that there aren’t as many Data professionals as the industries need. As estimated, there will be more than two hundred empty … Read more