Moving Checklist: Tips for Moving Out of State

Moving is almost always a process that requires ample planning, but moving to a different state has its own unique challenges. Moving to another state means everything is different — from a new home and school to new doctors and pet groomers. And that’s not to mention the task of boxing up your entire life and transporting it to your destination. To ease the transition, here’s a moving out of state checklist you can use to stay organized.

8 weeks before your move

Your moving out of state checklist starts with thorough planning. Here’s what to do eight weeks before you move:

  1. Plan when you’re moving. Plan the best time to move, noting that summer is typically a more expensive.
  2. Research moving companies. Find, vet and secure a moving company that’s experienced in state-to-state moves.
  3. Book flights. Purchase plane tickets to your new destination if any
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Usage-Based Insurance Discounts for Safe and Low-Mileage Drivers

Usage-based insurance programs base your insurance rate on your driving and can provide a discount on your car insurance if you are a safe driver or drive fewer miles per year.

Measuring driving habits with telematics

Usage-based insurance programs use telematics, which is technology that measures and tracks driving habits.[1] An insurance company can use telematics to monitor drivers and can then reward them for good driving behaviors — or give feedback to help them correct unsafe ones. If you sign up for this type of program, you install a small device in your vehicle (or use a mobile app) that tracks your driving habits and provides personalized feedback to you and your insurance company.

Discounts for safe drivers

Safe driving programs provide a discount for safe driving behaviors. Once you install a small device in your car, or install the mobile app on your smartphone, it begins tracking … Read more

What to Do in Retirement?

You’ve worked hard and planned for this day — retirement. Now what? What can you do in retirement? There are plenty of retirement activities and hobbies to try, but where should you start? Here are a few great ways to stay healthy and make sure you’re never bored.

Learn something new and start a new hobby

Just because you’re no longer in the workforce doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn new things. Retirement provides the time to explore the things you may not have had time for but definitely felt passionate about. Sign up for in-person classes or take online courses. Keeping engaged helps you to stay sharp mentally and physically.

8 ideas to learn new skills

  1. Learn a new language
  2. Take a dance class or tai chi course
  3. Sign up for a pottery class
  4. Join a book club
  5. Try out a cooking course
  6. Try a new musical instrument
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What are the Different Types of Life Insurance?


If you’re considering purchasing life insurance, it’s crucial to understand the different types of life insurance policies available. While term life insurance is pretty simple to understand, permanent life insurance comes in many forms, with investment options that increase their complexity.

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of life insurance before selecting a policy — especially now.

Term life insurance

With term life insurance, consumers select a policy for a specified amount of time, often 10, 15, 20 or 30 years. The insurance premium (the amount you pay each month) stays the same each year of that term. As long as the premium is paid, the insurance company will pay out the coverage amount (a lump sum of money called a “death benefit”), should the policyowner pass away before the term expires.

The pros of term life insurance

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What to Know When Buying Life Insurance During the Pandemic


Many things in life have changed due to the pandemic — including some aspects of getting life insurance. Some of these changes are designed to help make it safer and more convenient to get the coverage you need during this unprecedented time, while others address the illness itself.

Learn more about the impact COVID-19 is having on the process of protecting your loved ones.

Changes to medical exam requirements

Nationwide® is taking extra steps to ensure that we can continue to provide the competitively priced coverage you need to protect your loved ones during this time of social distancing by:

  • Waiving medical exams whenever possible
  • Using medical records or annual exam results from the past 24 months when exams are needed
  • Offering digital signatures (via DocuSign) on applications so there’s no need to mail or fax anything
  • Rapidly implementing other solutions that will provide
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