Options trading: An introduction

Understanding the foundations of options trading might help you make money, but some fundamentals must be understood. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of options trading and show you how it can be used to your advantage. It will also give you some pointers for getting started. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about options trading with a Saxo broker in Dubai.

What is options trading?

Trading derivatives is the art of purchasing and selling options, which are instruments that give you the right to acquire or sell an asset at a specific price on or before a certain date.

Options trading can speculate on the direction of a stock’s price or hedge against existing positions. For example, an investor who owns a corporation’s stock might purchase put options as protection if the price falls.

Options trading can be complex and risky, and … Read more

Black-Owned Banks Address Inequities in Black Banking

You may be a black American who does not bank, having been turned down for a checking account when you tried to get one. Or you may have a checking account but have had problems getting loans.

You may not be aware of the existence of black-owned banks. Here, you will learn about the unbanked and underbanked, benefits of banking, and black-owned banks such as the one owned by Kevin Cohee.

Unbanked and Underbanked

Unbanked individuals may not use banks; instead, living their lives by using a combination of cash, reloadable prepaid cards, and money orders for purchases. They may pay a fee to use check-cashing services to cash their paychecks. And when strapped for cash, they may turn to high interest-bearing loan advances from payday lenders who may make loans without hassle.

The unbanked may have limited income or trouble with identity verification, creditworthiness, account fees, or minimum … Read more

How online offers & coupons are influencing the digital shopping scene in USA

How online offers & coupons are influencing the digital shopping scene in USA       

It was about 134 years ago that Coca-Cola launched the first-ever discount coupon for its customers; the popularity of a discount coupon has only increased since then. Now that shopping has become online and digital, all the online stores and brands depend hugely on discount coupons and vouchers to increase their sales and retail old customers.

So, what exactly are digital coupons?

Digital coupons are those codes, which when used on a particular merchant website, helps you get discount on your purchase of products/services from that particular website. You can get these digital coupons /ecoupons in form of discount vouchers, deals, coupons, etc. You can either find them on a merchant website or get them effortlessly at some known coupons’ aggregator website.

Co-relation- Online Shopping & Digital Coupons

If you go by the research (conducted by … Read more

Money Management Secrets of Pro Traders

Money Management Secrets of Pro Traders

Pro traders manage their investment precisely to stay profitable in the trading business. Remember, without having good money management skills, being a trader, you can’t increase the number of winning streaks. So, you need to develop strong money management skills so that you can boost the account balance by investing their money properly. However, pro traders apply some techniques which help them to manage their money systematically.

In this post, we will discuss the secret money management techniques of successful traders. We hope, these techniques will help you to gain success in Forex.

Consider the market volatility

Successful traders consider the market volatility and set the stop-loss depending on this. To cope up with the market, they place the stop-loss depending on the changes of the market. If the market is highly volatile, you might get the chance to make more money. During … Read more

5 useful tools to understand your client’s needs

Being a freelancer is a daunting task for anyone. Be it a designer, writer, developer or UXer, freelancing is a full-time — and sometimes a 24-hour job. You will need to anticipate, plan and confirm your client’s needs and wants, and deliver with limited time and resources.

Sometimes, you need to accomplish tasks with limited information as well, a situation that no one would ever want to be. But hey, the rewards are sometimes worth the risk (and pain!).

When onboarding clients, you will need ways to know and understand your them. You can use the usual channels, such as an interview or voice call. However, these usual methods may feel lacking, depending on what you want to accomplish. First-timers are also prone to lose themselves in a sea of information, and you’ll need ways to navigate it.

Fortunately, there are tools that you can use to help streamline your

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