Shopping for 2016 Honda Accord brake pads? Use this buying guide to find the right rotors and brake pads to protect your vehicle. Drive safely and stop when you need to, by taking on this important preventative maintenance task in the comfort of your own garage.

What Brake Pads Do You Need?
Brake pads come in different sizes and materials, so compare your options carefully to purchase the right type. The dimensions need to match your original 2016 Accord brake pads, so use a free VIN lookup tool online or head to a trusted auto parts store to find the parts you need.
Compare ceramic, semi-metallic and organic pads as you look for the best type to fit your driving style. Ceramic pads offer a quiet, comfortable experience, but tend to cost more than the other types. Semi-metallic brakes tend to last longer and offer better performance in cold weather conditions but are louder than ceramic.
Find out how to change brake pads and gather the necessary tools. Don’t attempt this project without following professional guidance and using the appropriate tools and safety gear.

How Much Do New Rotors Cost?
While brake rotors tend to cost more than Honda Accord brake pads, they are still affordable maintenance parts for DIY repairs. Expect to pay between $45 and $73 on a rotor for your Accord. Front and rear rotors are different sizes, so be sure you’re purchasing the correct component for your next project.

When Should You Replace Brake Pads?
Brake pads should be replaced after 25,000 to 70,000 miles of use. Because this is a wide range of expected life, look for the following signs to determine the best time to perform this task:
• Pads are four millimeters or less thick
• Brakes squeal as you press the brake pedal
• Your car doesn’t slow down promptly when you press the pedal
• Your car pulls to one side when you attempt to stop it
If your brake pads are thin or your Accord is pulling to one side, check your brake pads for consistent wear. Uneven wear is a sign that there’s another maintenance problem with your vehicle. Either the brake fluid or the calipers are likely causing uneven brake application, which leads to excessive wear.

When Should You Replace Rotors?
Rotors tend to last longer than brake pads. If the pads are applied unevenly, they can compromise the rotors. Look for these signs that your rotors need to be replaced along with your pads:
• Occasional screeching sounds
• Excessive brake pad wear
• Blue coloration
• Vibrating when you press the brake pedal
Cracks, discoloration, and an uneven surface all point to compromised rotors. Some rotors are thick enough to be resurfaced, but it’s often more affordable to simply replace them.

Where Can You Find Reliable Pads and Rotors?
Maintain your Honda Accord with reliable repair parts from a leading online store. Online shopping allows you to easily compare specifications, dimensions, customer ratings and prices. If you aren’t sure what you need, reach out to a customer service agent for hands-on shopping assistance.

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