We’re already part of the next stage in the evolution of finance. That’s because the fintech era has given us a new kind of currency to work with. The cryptocurrency is there to change what we know about fiat currencies. In other words, this kind of currency has no banknotes or coins that go into circulation. There are several cryptocurrencies available, but Bitcoin stands out.

That’s because it offers several benefits to users. It’s a decentralized currency so no third party will have access to your account. In that regard, you’re the sole owner of your Bitcoin and you’ll maintain it by yourself without having the need to rely on a third party to do it for you. The public and private keys are key to Bitcoin transactions.

The former is the one that you can share with any other Bitcoin user. But the latter is the one you need to keep to yourself as it lets you access your Bitcoin. It also approves every transaction you make. The private key is your password and with it as well as a username you’ll remain anonymous with each transaction you make.

When it comes to transactions you can buy goods and services from online vendors that accept this cryptocurrency. You can also use Bitcoin to swap it for another cryptocurrency or a fiat currency if you prefer. Besides its versatility, Bitcoin is known for its profit potential.

This the one benefit that gets the masses riled up. Pretty much everyone wants to make a profit which is why they’re looking to start Bitcoin trading. You can learn how to do this via many trading simulator apps or if you feel like that’s too much, you can always go for a trading platform like Bitcoin Revolution.

This is a platform that needs your input as a user to work wonders. Also, it uses an algorithm and combines the input to make investment decisions. That’s why you’ll need to make an account as well as a small deposit that will be your trading budget for starters.

What follows are several tutorial sessions that will help you get a grasp of the platform as well as a demo account. When you’re finished with that, then you can take the Bitcoin Revolution platform for a test drive with a live session. Afterward, you’ll be free to experiment with its settings.

How to Get Your Bitcoin and Where to Store Them

There are a few ways you can get your first Bitcoin. If you have some kind of a benefactor then you will have someone gift you your first Bitcoin. However, your chances of this happening are slim to none. You can always mine Bitcoin, but this is a process that requires a lot of computing power and can be quite costly. The most common way people get their Bitcoin is by buying them with a fiat currency. You can do this at an online exchange and get your Bitcoin that way.

Naturally, you’ll need a storage for them. The Bitcoin storage is known as the Bitcoin wallet. There are a plethora of such wallets available online, but mainly they’re divided into hot and cold ones. The cold ones don’t store your keys online and that’s what makes them safer than hot ones. But the hot ones are more convenient because you can easily access them whenever you need to make a transaction.

So, you find the ideal wallet you’ll need to do some digging and see what the various kinds of wallets offer when it comes to services and security. Don’t forget that your needs need to be met as well, because you’ll be the one using it. Once you have a wallet, you’ll be a complete Bitcoin user.

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