Aster Sanad Hospital: A Legacy of Quality Healthcare Built on Excellence and Expertise

Considering the ongoing battle against a global pandemic, healthcare has evidently transformed from being a basic human necessity to becoming the only means of survival. The need for quality healthcare has surmounted any other privilege, convenience, or preference, and this has compelled governing bodies to consistently emphasize on delivering healthcare quality and equity.

To achieve the efficient delivery of care and associated services, organizations across the world have acknowledged, adapted, and equipped themselves with the right technology and resources. One prominent name among these organizations is Aster Sanad Hospital.

Aster Sanad Hospital is a subsidiary of Aster DM Healthcare which is one of the leading healthcare groups spread across the Middle East, India, and the Philippines. With its corporate headquarters in Dubai, the group has been actively serving society for more than 33 years.

Aster DM Healthcare’s network comprises 25 hospitals, 115 clinics, and 231 retail pharmacies. The organization … Read more

Pulseway: Connecting the world with Remote Monitoring and Management Systems

Many stories start with “Once upon a time…,” but very few take the lead with “Let’s make the lives of IT professionals easier.” Empowering the tech world with reduced downtime while setting new standards for efficiency through automation is Pulseway.

Founded in 2011 by Marius Mihalec in Dublin, Ireland, the RMM solution company is transforming the tech world for the better. As the CEO of the company, Marius is mastering the art of technology leadership and facilitating the global IT space with a hassle-free experience of remote work culture.

Knowing these technological marvels, we at InsightsSuccess caught up with Pulseway to learn more about the tech giant’s success story.

Below are the interview highlights.

Please brief our audience about Pulseway, its USPs, and its position as a leading provider of infrastructure management solutions.

Pulseway was founded 11 years ago to make the lives of IT professionals easier by … Read more

Chatsworth Products: Safeguarding Your Expanding Investment in Information and Communication Technology

Two or more organizations can adopt the same technology solutions, yet their efficiency could differ. Why so?

The answer lies within the quality of the IT infrastructure installed within these companies. And whichever company has the best infrastructure established stands to gain the most benefits from the tech solutions they have invested in.

As known globally, investing in technology has become a critical need of the hour for every business. Even more critical than this is—creating an IT infrastructure within the company that is best suited to utilize technology, information, and data effectively, efficiently, and proactively.

Today, businesses have to ensure their technology investment is protected and benefited from; by establishing a high-performing IT infrastructure. One company that is on a mission to provide the best IT infrastructure to today’s corporations is Chatsworth Products (CPI).

The company was established with the goal of addressing the vital IT infrastructure requirements of … Read more

How to Combat the Great Resignation

A new era has finally hit the working environment. Employees are no longer forcing themselves to stay in jobs; they are either not enjoying or don’t feel appreciated. The great resignation is a worldwide movement where employees stand up for their rights in the workplace and force employers to finally look at the conditions and environment they are creating for their employees. As a business owner, you should always consider the next steps for your business and analyze how you can retain staff to continue the growth levels you are experiencing. Read on to find out how to combat the great resignation and retain your staff.

Encourage employee engagement 

Employee engagement is one of the most critical factors you need to engrain within your business. Employee engagement is simple when employees take pride in the business they are working in. They can show this pride by doing things such as … Read more

Asia Markets, Hong Kong, Slip

Asia-Pacific shares fell on Wednesday as investors digest inflation data from China and look ahead to the U.S. CPI report.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 plummeted 180.63 points, or 0.7%, to 27,819.33.

In company news, Toyota Motor announced that it would suspend some production operations due to positive COVID cases at work sites.

The Japanese yen traded at 135.01 per dollar, staying weaker since the strong U.S. payrolls report.

Cathay Pacific and Honda Motor are among the companies reporting earnings on Wednesday.

In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng index dropped 392.6 points, or 2%, to 19,610.84.

Heavyweights Meituan fell 3.6% and dropped 4.5%.

Heath-care, consumer and real estate stocks also dragged the Hang Seng lower, according to Eikon data.

Property developer Longfor plunged 16.4% after the company reported that contracted sales for the first seven months of the year dove nearly 58% compared with the same period a year … Read more