Airbnb hosting is a popular way to make some extra money and manage your listings and guest interactions through an accessible platform. While many people opt to rent out rooms or portions of their own homes on Airbnb, some people have made their hosting gigs into true businesses by purchasing secondary properties to rent out on a short-term basis.

If you’re ready to get into the Airbnb game with a new rental property, here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you streamline your rental strategy and set you up for success!

Find a Great Location
If you’re ready to purchase your first rental property, you’ll need to be selective about the location you choose. Your rental’s location will have a huge effect on its profitability. Before you start looking at individual properties, research the area’s available amenities and other rentals’ performances to get an idea of how your property will perform.

When choosing a location, think about travel frequency and seasonal trends. If your property is in an area that people visit consistently throughout the year, you’ll have more consistent bookings and profits. If your area has a clear off-season, you may experience dry spells and earn less income during those times.

Check Out Local Laws

After you narrow down your desired area, make sure that you’re up to date on their local rental laws. As you shop for properties and develop your rental plan, some rules and restrictions apply to property size, guest limits, and other features that you’ll want to keep in mind. You want to especially check certain things as travel restrictions are starting to ease up.

Choose the Perfect Property

Now that you have a good idea of your location’s benefits and limitations, you can focus on choosing the perfect property. You will definitely want to find a home or unit that is close to all of the desirable amenities your location has to offer, so keep that in mind throughout your search.

Short-term renters and vacationers will have specific needs—such as an office for working travelers or extra sleeping space for large families—so you can search for properties with features that will serve a wide variety of guests.

Set Your Rates

Once you secure your property, you can set your rates and start making money. You’ll need to consider multiple factors to appropriately price your listing. You can look into the local market’s trends, competitors’ performance and offerings, and supply and demand to gauge your range. To simplify the process, you can estimate your potential Airbnb income with an online calculator.

Remember that short-term rentals offer you the flexibility to change your rates in response to trends and preferences, so be open to raising and lowering your prices as needed to keep your schedule booked and your ratings high.

List & Promote Your Space

Now that you have your property lined up and your rental plan established, you’ll need to list and market your space appropriately to draw in guests. Consistently booked rentals earn the most money!

First, you’ll need to create a compelling and informative listing. Clean and style your home well, and hire a professional photographer to showcase your space’s best features. If your listing has high-quality photos, you’ll be more likely to catch the eyes of potential guests. You should also ensure that you list nearby amenities in your property description, make rental terms clear and accessible, and provide fun and helpful tips for visiting the area, showing guests that you’re invested in making their stay great.

Whether you’re just starting out or dealing with your first off-season, you’ll need to promote your property to keep it booked. Try posting photos of your property and the surrounding scenery to social media platforms and providing updates on your rates changes. Sometimes a timely price drop will inspire an influx of bookings!

Following these tips will help new hosts get started and ensure a great return on their rental property investments. Airbnb is a great tool for maximizing rental profits, so make sure to use it to your fullest advantage!

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