One of the recent lighting fixtures popular for home decor lighting is the LED Strip lights. LED lighting fixtures always win an argument over fluorescent or incandescent lightings. LED is more efficient, long-lasting, brighter, no heat emission, and can be controlled.

For residential and commercial lighting purposes, the LED strip lights are an affordable and smart choice for many. Shopping for the perfect LED strip lights is not that hard as there are limited options.

Different types of LED strip lights that you can buy as per your need are:

  • LED Rope light
  • AC LED Flex Strips
  • DC LED Flex Strips
  • High Output LED Strips

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You can easily use this lighting option creatively to illuminate your home or other spaces. These lights come in a broad range of shapes, lumen levels, and colors. They are low-profile yet flexible, which you can customize as needed. Spaces, where you can install these LED Strip lights, are:

  • Cornice or ceiling coving
  • Mirrors
  • Stairs
  • Furniture like tables, sofa, armchairs, beds, cribs, etc.
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets, drawers, toe-kicks
  • Sink, bathtub rim
  • Picture frames
  • Back of screens
  • Outdoor settings like porches, patio, decks, railings, under roofs, pathways, stair treads, etc.

The right LED Strip lights installation can give a look of professional touch to your home spaces in no time. But why do people use them instead of tiny colorful lights?

Why LED Strip Lights?

LED Strip lights are sometimes known as LED Ribbon lights or LED Tape Lights. It is unique because it is effortless to use in many situations.

  • Customizable

LED Strip lights are flexible and low-profile. To customize the length of these strip lights, you just have to cut along the lines marked on the strips. When you cut at the black line, you can see that there are affixed copper solder pads on each side of the strip. These copper pads enable the strip to be usable even after the cut. Hence, you can easily connect the LED Strips in different spaces of your home.

  • Waterproof or not

Many LED Strip lights can be applied to outdoor settings. Its applicability is not limited to only indoors. The waterproof LED strips are more costly as they are made using a silicone resin material. This material protects the strip lights from moisture and dust and is IP65 rated.

  • Adhesive infused

Installation of LED Strip lights is not a challenging task. These flexible and versatile strips have a 3M adhesive backing which you can pull off and just stick the strip where needed.

  • 12VDC input

To smoothly run the LED Strip Lights, you require 12VDC power input. Its wiring and connections are safer than AC line voltage. Hence, you can make them battery powered as well.

  • Brightness

The brightness of the lights can be determined by the LED Strip density. That means the number of lights in a single strip. The density of LED strips is measured as “LEDs per Meter.” A higher strip density indicates high quality and brighter light. For instance, a High-Density strip has 60 LEDs/M, and a Standard Density strip has 30 LEDs/M.

Now, when you see something about the brightness of the LED Strip Lights, you cannot forget the lumens. For instance, a High-Density strip provides 1080/M lumen, and a Standard Density strip provides 540/M lumen.

  • Color

Strip lights are popular because of their various color options. Here, the RGB LED Strips are preferred for fantastic color effects. These multi-color strip light uses red, green, and blue diodes which creates a fantastic blend of color effect to the area. For instance, you can use the High-Density 16.4ft RGB LED lights strip as lighting decor for outdoor party night lightings. If you install an RGB strip light, make sure to use a controller to easily change colors.

It is also essential to know about the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of the strip lights. The CCT ratings directly affect the appearance of the light color of the LED strip. For instance:

  • High temperature (6000K) appears to be cool colors (blueish).
  • Low temperature (3000K) seems to be warm colors (yellowish).
  • Medium temperature (4000K) appears to be a neutral color (natural white).

LED Strip Power Supply Options

LED Strip lights are very versatile as it requires a low voltage. Hence, powering them up gives you a lot of choices.

  • Plug-in Adapter – The most convenient way to power up these strip lights is by directly plugging into the wall adapter.
  • Hardware Power Supply- Another method is to directly connect the wire with LED Strips and line voltage wiring.
  • Dimmable Power Supply- Another convenient and smart option is to use a dimmer switch from a common power outlet.
  • Battery- Since a low voltage is needed, you can just use a 12V battery pack to run the LED Strip lights.

I assume that you understood stuff regarding the LED strip lights. Power demands, color choices, length, and installation would be relatively straightforward for you to buy suitable LED Strip lighting.

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