It is a popular practice to distribute freebies, giveaways, or merchandise branded with company logos to event attendees. They are given away to help promote the event or the companies involved. They are also used as part of brand awareness campaigns by creating brand recall whenever these items are used or seen even after the event has concluded.

You can find branded merchandise such as pens, key chains, and water bottles in different industry networking events. But there are other products you can stamp your company’s logo on to boost your brand’s popularity among participants. Here are more giveaway ideas you can use next time your business mounts an event.

Apparel and Accessories

Choosing apparel and accessories as giveaways is a great way to have a lasting impact on attendees. Items including shirts, caps, rubber wristbands, and key chains have the potential to be used in high-traffic places outside of the event venue. This can help attract other people and spark curiosity. Due to the costs of customizing such merchandise, some companies reserve such branded items for company use than public events like conferences and trade shows.

If you want to lower expenses, you can order these promotional items in bulk. For instance, if you order debossed bracelets in bulk to hand out at several events throughout the year, you can save more than placing an order each time you have a special event. Also, you can stock up and ensure you won’t run out of giveaways.

Pens and Journals

It’s best to choose promotional gifts that are relevant to your business, as it’s easier to associate such items with your brand. If you have a paper and stationery business, handing out pens and journals can get you more interest from people looking for stationery supplies. It is also more cost-efficient since you can simply customize products that you are already selling. In addition, these items are very handy. Just think of how many times participants need to take down notes.

Although their functionality is straightforward, you can choose a design to make these items more eye-catching. Instead of simply stamping your company logo on these giveaways, how about placing your company’s slogan? You can also match the colors to the color theme of the event.


Select a giveaway that everyone can use, like an umbrella. Event-goers will probably thank you for giving away umbrellas if there is a sudden downpour. If they use the umbrellas as they leave the event, this will provide a nice visual that can also help spread the word about your brand in public. Since umbrellas provide a large imprinting area, you can freely place your brand logo and slogan on them without running out of space.

USB Flash Drives

Relevance is not just about what a company offers. Sometimes, it also means being relevant to what attendees will need. Take the USB flash drive as an example. It’s relevant today because most laptops and desktop computers no longer have a CD drive. People rely on external drives that can be connected through the USB port of their computers as a way to store and transfer content. It is also quite helpful for personal or professional uses. In addition, this item is a great way to market an event. Aside from placing your logo on it, you can also attach it to a custom lanyard that displays details of your event.

Touch Tool

Another practical giveaway to offer is a touch tool. Giving this handy item away will also show event attendees that you care about their safety amidst the global pandemic. It can help people avoid contact with highly-touched surfaces such as elevator buttons and door handles. They can use the touch tool to press, push, pull, and turn objects safely. This convenient tool can easily be attached together with your keys, so you can access them anytime. It is available in durable ABS plastic or in solid metals like brass or stainless steel. You can also customize them using imprints or engravings.

Reusable Straws and Water Bottles

You can also use giveaways to promote the values of your brand. Handing out reusable straws and water bottles can help send a message to your audience that your company cares about the environment and wants to provide more sustainable solutions. Whether the participant was eco-conscious prior to the event or adopts the behavior after, these are very useful items to have. For businesses in the fitness industry, they can give away sports tumblers and fruit-infuser bottles. In addition, these items can easily become a traveling advertisement whenever the users are in public settings like the gym and coffee shops.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

If you are looking for giveaways, include tech-related products on your list. Portable Bluetooth speakers or other technology-related giveaways are popular because they are very useful. Many people also find them valuable. So when event-goers receive such items, they will likely appreciate them. If the products are of high quality, people will use them often and possibly display them. Make sure to look for durable items to encourage usage and place your brand logo where people can easily spot it.

Complete the participants’ event experience by handing out great giveaways. Keep in mind what the attendees need and what your company represents when selecting a branded merchandise. Placing the items in a reusable tote bag, so attendees can keep their hands free to socialize and interact with others. In any case, make sure to consider the items above as potential giveaways that can make your event more memorable for everyone in attendance.

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