It goes without saying that having a secure and fast WordPress site is crucial. Businesses are taking a number of measures to bring frictionless and secure user experience, and passwordless authentication is one of the most effective strategies so far.

We’ll look at five of the most advanced WordPress authentication plugins that have helped businesses increase their conversion by offering secure, conventional, and quick authentication to the users. Most of them are highly rated, comes with a freemium plan, and can provide a wonderful way for users to have a secure and seamless experience on your WordPress website.

5 Best WordPress Plugins for a Secure, Unconventional, Biometric Authentication

1.SAWO Labs

SAWO (Secure Authentication Without OTP) is the most recent and dynamic technology for user authentication and passwordless login. By offering one-tap authentication, it is intended to provide ease to both developers and users for authentication and login related processes.

SAWO’s WordPress plugin allows users to log in without using passwords or OTPs, making the process simple, quick, and secure. It employs strong cryptographic technologies, which outperform OTPs, passwords, and social logins.

Key Highlights

  • With SAWO’s quick and secure login process, you can enhance the customer onboarding rate by 54%.
  • The plugin provides a straightforward, seamless, and quick integration with the WordPress websites
  • Businesses will have the flexibility to opt for biometric authentication to ultimately enhance the login speed and add an extra layer of convenience for the customers.
  • SAWO initially offers 5000 free authentications for developers to start out. Furthermore, it offers flexible pricing plans for businesses to pay as per their convenience.
  • Offers 24*7 top-notch customer assistance
  • Encrypts the users’ data from end-to-end along with offering complete data autonomy to the admins.

The best thing is that SAWO never saves any login details of the users and therefore, it eliminates all the software vulnerabilities that regular processes may have. Its WordPress plugin is ready to use in six minutes, guaranteeing that admins can invest their crucial time to enhance their core product.


Their WordPress plugin allows users to log in without having to enter their password. They make use of FIDO-certified biometric authentication to substitute the standard usernames and passwords. As stated by LoginID, their new plugin was designed to be as user-friendly as possible and can be installed in five simple steps.

Businesses will have the option to choose from both biometric identification and single sign-on once the plugin is deployed. It also eliminates many of the security flaws that come with password-based security. Their plugin is based on secure public-key cryptography and will help WordPress sites comply with GDPR and PSD2 regulations.

Key Highlights

  • The plugin can be installed on a WordPress site within five simple steps.
  • It provides the option for businesses to choose from either biometric authentication or single sign-on.
  • Removes the need for passwords and any security risks that may arise.
  • Utilizes FIDO-certified biometric authentication in the place of usernames and passwords.
  • Their interface is highly user-friendly and easy to access for both admins and users.
  • To avoid any future breaches, they never store any sort of users information.

3.iThemes Security

With its two-factor authentication functionality, iThemes Security is an amazing WordPress plugin that helps visitors log in with more safety. When this plugin is configured, users will be unable to get into the WordPress website until they pass through 2FA followed by the verification code sent to their authentication application.

This plugin also keeps track of numerous login attempts and restricts the number of attempts per user. Moreover, it keeps an eye on the users who try to change any of the site’s files. If any of these actions are discovered, the plugin will notify the admin right away to take appropriate action. After detecting any vulnerability, administrators can prevent users from accessing the site for a defined period of time.

Key Highlights

  • iThemes security plugins utilize two-factor authentication for extra secure logins.
  • Any questionable IP that analyzes for vulnerabilities on the website will be blocked, preventing them from gaining access.
  • Admins will get email alerts if any harmful file gets exposed to the website.
  • It safeguards the user accounts with two-factor authentication (two-factor authentication) and allow real users to log in without using passwords.
  • Keeps a real-time track of user activities such as logins and logouts, as well as user registrations.

4.Google Authenticator

This is another great tool for two-factor authentication (2FA, MFA) and passwordless authentication of your website. It ensures that the website is safe from illegal access and with the help of passwordless login and two-factor authentication. Individuals can log in without a password using Google Authenticator, Webauthn, biometrics, etc.

This plugin is available in many languages and utilizes the standard TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) and HOTP (HMAC-based One-Time Password) authentication protocols. The plugin is suitable with the most recent version of WordPress and works well with a variety of advanced and modern plugins.

Key Highlights

  • This plugin efficiently adds an additional degree of security for the authentication of the users.
  • It has a straightforward user interface and is reasonably simple to operate.
  • Individuals can choose the form of two-factor authentication they would like to go with.
  • Supports a large range of languages for all two-factor techniques for assisting a wider audience.
  • OTP verification can occur using techniques such as OTP through SMS and email, QR code authentication, and password-less authentication.


This cozmoslabs plugin for secured and password-less auth asks for a username or email instead of the password. It generates a 10-minute temporary authorisation token and keeps it in a user meta item. Making future authentication processes quick and without the use of passwords.

It further sends the user an email containing the token and a link to it. When the user clicks on the link, they get redirected to the website where the access token is checked for validity. Right after the authentication, it creates a login through WordPress Cookie and allows users to enter the WordPress website more securely without a password.

Key Highlights

  • Asks for a username or email address in the place of a password for quick auth processes.
  • It generates a temporary authorization token that is saved in a WordPress user meta and expires right after 10 minutes.
  • Comes with an easy and quick installation process and allows administrators to add the short code on any page or widget.
  • Users only have to go through one-tap authentication, making the login process a breeze.
  • It comes with a free plan for WordPress websites.

Wrapping Up

So far, the blog has covered the five greatest plugins for keeping your WordPress site’s authentication process secure without requiring passwords. Before hopping on one decision, always look for some key aspects such as the level of flexibility, features, and other added benefits such as biometric authentication.

All in all, the SAWO WordPress plugin for secure and passwordless authentication is the best in the market that complies with most of the business requirements. Moreover, it offers 360-degree privacy to the user’s data as it never stores their information.

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