Mini Budget: UK needs inclusive economic growth, not isolated hot spots

Professor John Bryson, Chair in Enterprise and Economic Geography at the University of Birmingham offered his opinion about the economic measured announced today by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

Professor Bryson is an economic geographer whose research focusses on understanding people, organisations and the complex ways in which production is organised through space, place and various forms of enterprise:

“We are living in unprecedented times, but all times are unprecedented. The mini-budget may seem like a return to the past, or perhaps it is a tabula rasa moment in which the UK government tries to transform the wider framework conditions that underpin wealth creation and economic growth across the UK. Trickle down approaches to managing economies are well-tested, but perhaps the challenge is their implementation. The key issue is to ensure enhanced  wealth creation or employment creation opportunities. But, there is a problem in the UK and this is that there is … Read more

Innovating While Staying True to the Brand’s Principles

Innovating is a required element of sustained success for any business.  Adapting to changing consumer demand allows a business to remain relevant as trends change.  Innovation also has risks, as executives and businesses can “chase trends” that take their eye off the business’ core competencies.

Running a national gym chain, I often get asked about our approach to innovation.  Our basketball-focused fitness clubs are recognized as the premier spot for basketball enthusiasts, and our franchise program receives hundreds of inquiries each month from individuals looking to open one of our gyms in their community.  This success can be directly attributed to our track record of innovation.

Ten years ago, PickUp USA Fitness had one service offering – PickUp basketball with referees for adults.  Today, our clubs still offer this original service that put us on the map, but now we are a full-service, one-stop basketball shop that also offers group … Read more

Crucial Steps to Take Before Purchasing Your First Rental Property

Getting your hands on a good rental property can set the stage for decades of passive income generation. However, if you’ve never owned a rental property, there are a number of crucial steps you’ll need to take in advance of making an investment of this magnitude. Purchasing your first rental property in haste is liable to result in long-term losses and copious regret. As such, anyone preparing to enter the rental property game is strongly advised to attend to the following tasks.

Make Sure the Property is Professionally Inspected

Purchasing a rental property that hasn’t undergone a professional inspection is practically asking for trouble. No matter how meticulously maintained a property appears to be, there could be serious problems lurking beneath the surface – problems that you, as a non-professional, are not qualified to identify. With this in mind, make a pre-purchase inspection – or multiple pre-purchase inspections – a … Read more

Valentina White: An Undisputed Master of Money Energy

Seasoned by her ten years of experience running her accountancy firm, Valentina White sets an example for youngsters to build a great career in her field. She has developed unique teaching in the book of 18 Money Energy Laws and has become a Master of Money Energy. Her curiosity to learn has made it possible for her to work as a Chief Financial Officer in an influential and trustworthy company named WHITE ACCOUNTANCY.

Valentina offers innovative and effective financial solutions, drafting necessary and proper documents required by individuals and offices. The company seeks long-term customer relationships and has created an atmosphere of complete trust with its clients. It is focused on the principles of fairness, teamwork and commitment, making it one of the pioneers in the field.

We at Insights Success interviewed her to learn about her vision for the company and future plans.

Let’s dive straight into her … Read more