What is the reason behind mosquito repellent oil’s popularity?

Everybody is a significant part of the universe, and every living being depends on others. But as it is said, one person’s meal is another poison. One example is the mosquito. While the male mosquito thrives on flower nectar, the female counterpart requires blood to get their eggs fertilized, and so they bite the humans. The mosquito bite has an immediate effect, like itching and rashes, along with the potential of causing severe diseases and infections. So whenever you decide to step out of your house and relax in the backyard, you may be accompanied by mosquitoes that will spoil your mood.

However, staying indoors is also not an option. These unwanted guests may find their way into the house too. So what do you do? Once they bite you, you expose yourself to severe diseases and infections. Because of the mounting cases of mosquito-borne diseases, most people realize the … Read more

Why Is Professional Training Essential For Pet Dogs?

A lot of people love dogs, but few people realize how much hard work needs to go into raising them effectively. When going down the path of dog ownership, you must be aware of not just the initial investment but also the daily work involved in being a dog owner. Every pet owner must provide their pets with professional training, so their pup is healthy and happy.

Professional dog trainers will teach them instinctual behaviors such as walking on a leash or not pulling on their lead while they’re out for a walk. Consider these below-shared points to understand the importance of professional training for pet dogs:

  • Ensure Better Physical and Mental Health

Dogs are not just the average pet you can keep inside the house and expect a happy life. Dogs have an instinctual desire to be part of the pack and be active members of society. When let … Read more

How To Choose The Right Business Intelligence Solution

Business intelligence tools allow you to gather and analyze valuable information to gain insights. It is important not to purchase a tool without doing your research. In this article, the authors provide an overview of each tool so that you will find a solution that is appropriate for your business operations.

What is business intelligence and how does it work?

Business intelligence can help a business improve its competitive edge and efficiency by providing new and innovative insight into its operations. Businesses in competitive markets need to remain at the top of their game in order to stay afloat, and BI is one solution that provides insight into different aspects of their business.

Business Intelligence is software that collects data from multiple sources, provides analysis, and enables users to make better strategic decisions. These applications consolidate data from various sources in a centralized location, providing an easy and interactive way … Read more

Futures Again Pegged to Go Down

Futures tracking Canada’s main stock index fell on Monday, weighed down by bullion and oil prices, as investors feared that aggressive central bank policy

The TSX Composite tumbled 521.7 points, or 2.8%, to finish Friday and the week at 18,490.98. Over the last five sessions, the index lost its grip on 905 points, or 4.67%.

Futures slid 0.6% early Monday.

The Canadian dollar sank 0.48 cents to 73.14 cents U.S.

H.C. Wainwright started coverage of gold-mining company Victoria Gold with a “buy” rating and a 12-month price target of $23.

Meanwhile, a Federal government official said on Sunday it would take several months for this country to restore critical infrastructure after the powerful storm Fiona left an “unprecedented” trail of destruction.


The TSX Venture Exchange dropped 24.88 points, or 4.1%, to 578.06, for a loss on the week of 52 points, or 8.3%.


U.S. equity futures … Read more