USD / CAD – Canadian Dollar Edging Lower

– Canadian dollar falling in tandem with S&P 500 futures

– Canadian banks and Federal government closed today

– US dollar ending September with strong gains.

USDCAD snapshot: open 1.3693-97, overnight range 1.3660-1.3744, close 1.3685, WTI $81.61, Gold $1667.70

The Canadian dollar did not have a good month of September, losing 4.0%. Even so, it was still better than the Australian dollar (down 5.0%) and the New Zealand dollar (down 6.6%) which was the worst performing major G-120 currency against the US dollar.

The Canadian dollar direction is determined by global risk sentiment as measured by S&P 500 prices. S&P futures are unchanged compared to Thursdays close, but the S&P 500 index plunged nearly 8.0% in September.

The monthly loss points to US dollar demand as portfolio manager rebalancing positions.

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The dividing wall between social and traditional media is fast coming down – Love or hate social media, ignore it at your peril

Whether you go into it kicking and screaming, the elephant in the room of any robust media profile, is, dare I say it, social media.

React to the news agenda, or alternatively push out your own practive content, using both traditional media and social media is fast becoming a given.

The Berlin Wall that divided the country from 1961 to 1989 eventually came crashing down. And so too will the wall that still divides traditional media and social media.

As King Soloman, who reigned Israel from 970 to 931 BCE, once said: “This Too Shall Pass”.

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