How to train your brain for success

The brain is our most important tool when it comes to achieving professional success. Those who find solutions and innovative new ways to do things usually quickly come out on top. But maintaining success requires perseverance, concentration, and discipline – all of which are also a matter of the brain. If you want to have a long-term career, you need the right mental fitness, which can certainly be trained. We’ve put together some tips on how to keep your brain fit.

What should brain training be like?

To exercise the brain regularly, you need tasks that are difficult but solvable. Challenges that are too difficult kill motivation, says, while tasks that are too easy have no training effect. Moreover, it is absolutely necessary to adjust the difficulty level again and again to the currently appropriate level.

Also, you should never do the same thing over and over again; for … Read more

Futures Down Wednesday

Futures tracking Canada’s commodity-heavy main stock index edged lower on Wednesday as oil prices hovered at six-month lows on recession concerns, while investors awaited the minutes of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s July policy meet.

The TSX gained 89.37 points to end Tuesday at 20,269.97.

September futures for the TSX slid 0.4% on Wednesday.

The Canadian dollar fell back 0.38 cents to 77.46 cents U.S.

National Bank of Canada raised the price target on Alimentation Couche-Tard to $63.00 from $59.00

National Bank also cut the rating on Trevali Mining underperform from sector perform

On the economic front, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation said Wednesday the seasonally-adjusted annual rate of housing starts was 275,329 units, an increase of 1.1% from June.


The TSX Venture Exchange faded 8.93 points Tuesday to 669.57.


Stock futures fell on Wednesday as a rally that has propelled equity prices higher since mid-June appeared … Read more

Ofgem threatened with legal action if it doesn’t protect customers from soaring energy bills

Energy regulator Ofgem has been threatened with legal action if it fails to protect vulnerable customers from soaring energy bills.

The Good Law Project has teamed up with anti-poverty groups urging it to ensure people can cope with bills, expected to reach upwards of £4,000 a year.

This comes as the energy price cap is set to be lifted to more than £3,500 in October, with many energy producers like BP and Shell are likely to rake in thousands.

On Tuesday, a survey by Ipsos found that 66 per cent of people think the Government is not providing enough help as rising energy bills surge back into the headlines, while under a third think current measures are about right or too much.

Meanwhile, more pressure was piled on the government after a Opinium  poll from 38 Degrees, found 86 per cent of the public, and 86 per cent of Tory … Read more

3 Tips for Using Digital Business Cards at Networking Events

Marketers love in-person events. They’re a great way to meet new people, potential clients, and partners. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, in-person events stopped for a while, and everyone had to turn to webinars and online conferences.

While online networking allowed people to connect with more peers worldwide, they still missed the personal touch of in-person events.

Online events also increased the use of online conferencing tools, but they’ve also changed the world of digital business cards. Since professionals couldn’t share traditional cards through the screen, tools like L Card became increasingly popular.

If you’ve never used a digital card, and aren’t sure what to do with it at an in-person networking event, keep reading as we’ll share some handy tips that are useful for beginners and networking pros alike.

Don’t Stray Away From Your Brand’s Identity

Your brand is already recognizable because of your logo, color schemes, fonts, photography style, … Read more