13 Pointers For More Effective Business Presentations

So, are you about to present in front of many people? Are you nervous? We all know those feelings, especially when you are in business and the last thing you want is to mess up. But, there are many ways you can improve your business presentation.

It isn’t hard to improve the ways your presentation can be, but something you should be well aware of is that presentations aren’t as hard as you may think. They just want simplicity, and we might have a problem if you can’t deliver that.

Don’t go anywhere because, in this article, we will show you the main points on how you can deliver a compelling business presentation.

13 points out how you can deliver a compelling business presentation


In order to have a successful presentation, you need to be well aware of what you are going to present. Good research makes a … Read more

How Is Python Used in DevOps?

Traditional methods of using operation and development face various challenges, such as the number of updates and binds that are increased by the development team. As a result, operations and development teams don’t coordinate, and the other approach makes it tedious to perform their work.

Functional and infrastructure changes are challenging to manage, so they typically occur without management, resulting in downtimes, obstacles, and errors due to human intervention. The application team runs its functions on a compatible platform, and the testing teams test on a different platform. Product deployment becomes more complicated when more than one platform is used for development and testing. Keeping an unsuitable platform for hosting applications is a challenge for the operations team who manages its infrastructure. In short, the work done by operation and development teams clashes and creates difficulties in delivering the product on time.

DevOps is a combination of software development and … Read more

People Lying on Their CV: New Survey Unveils the Key Aspects to Look Out For

Employers frequently make job offers based only on the quality and history of a candidate’s CV; based on that, they will then hire them. Soon, however, they might realize that the candidate is not what they represented themselves to be.

Such lies on CVs are more common than you might think, as 32% of the 1,500 people surveyed by StaffCircle admitted to lying on their CV. What’s more astonishing is that 93% of survey respondents who lied to gain a new job weren’t discovered once they were employed. Furthermore, 51% of those who lied to gain a job still kept that position when the poll was done.

The research reveals that many candidates who lie on their CV escape punishment. For example, 42% of workers admitted that lying to employers during the hiring process gave them an advantage. This might imply that they got a job; if they had been … Read more

My smartphone and the VPN

Generally, people think that various online crimes are dangerous only for those who use computers. However, it is not true – you have to make sure that other devices you use are secured as well. Especially having in mind that while we have various anti-virus programs on computers, we often do not have them on other devices.

So, is security software necessary to have on your smartphone? Are there any other tools that would help to secure your device? The answer is clear – any device that has access to the Internet is insecure. It means that you have to take care of its safety. One of the ways to do it is to start using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is a safety tool that guarantees that your connection online is private and anonymous. How is it done? Using a … Read more

Taking Advantage of The Research and Development Tax Credit Law In Germany

Since the year 2020, businesses located in Germany, including those, not German-owned, have been eligible for a yearly tax incentive for research and development. Since the law (Die Steuergutschrift Für Forschung Und Entwicklung or Germany’s R&D Tax Credit) was passed, it has granted qualified companies up to EUR 1,000,000 in research allowance.

Suppose a company uses its own research staff and undertakes its own research. In that case, the company can take a credit against its annual tax obligation of up to 25 percent of the salaries and wages paid to its researchers. This credit includes tax-free contributions to social security. After that, a refund is issued for the remaining surplus. As a result of the fact that businesses can benefit from the financial aid with the reimbursement even when they are operating at a loss, the research allowance is interesting for startups that are operating at a loss at … Read more