Top features to look for in the Best Orthodontist

Choosing a competent orthodontist, particularly for first-timers, could be complex. It’s essential to remember that no two doctors are alike. When looking for one, examining numerous candidates is critical before choosing. This is where San Francisco’s dental society comes into the picture.

The San Francisco Dental Society encourages public oral health and serves as a source for dental practitioners in San Francisco’s county and city. It promotes the most professional dental practices and aims to raise the public’s quality of dental treatment. Thus, their recommendations for orthodontists are quite competent. Note that the best orthodontist San Francisco determines the caliber of an individual’s outcomes.

Following are the features to look for in an orthodontist:


An excellent orthodontist is someone who has a keen interest in learning more about his field of expertise. The digital age has brought up new prospects in dentistry, precisely as in any other profession. As … Read more


Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming services, with 182 million subscribers enjoying music, podcasts, and other content from creators all over the world. This ideal entertaining platform has millions of songs and plentiful podcasts.

Although Spotify is widely famous and has succeeded in reaching people, it also has limited features. These limitations sometimes fail to provide user requirements. The most significant disadvantage is that you can neither download songs for free nor stream without an internet connection.


Even if you have a Spotify Premium account, it is DRM protected, and the downloaded songs are no more available once the subscription expires. Also, it is not possible to transfer songs and other content to other devices or play music with other music players.

The free version of Spotify consists of ads that allow users to listen to music in shuffle mode and six skips per hour. … Read more

Tom Edwards: Providing Strategic Guidance to Excel

Fascinated with technology since watching the original Star Wards in the late 70s, Tom Edwards was enamored with the droids C-3PO & R2D2 and how they enabled the main characters on every step. Similarly, the core aspect of technology that enables humankind proved to be the foundation of his professional journey.

Tom spent over two decades working at the intersection of technology and consumer behavior tied to various forms of marketing and advertising. Starting his career during the dot com days paved a path to start-up life, proving to be instrumental in shaping his understanding of business, developing solutions, customer centricity, and grinding methods. These steps helped him build a new skill set in emerging areas shifting from software-based services to strategic marketing, innovation, data, and AI-centric roles.

Today, Tom leads as the Chief Digital & Data Officer at Omnicom Health Group Inc., utilizing his expertise in strategy, data, … Read more

Biden's Gas Tax Suspension Proposal Falls Flat In Congress

President Biden asked Congress on Wednesday to lift the federal fuel tax for three months in a bid to reduce excessively high prices at the pump, but resistance in Congress—even from the President’s own party—could stymie the idea altogether.

In a four-point plan, Biden said told legislators to consider suspending the $0.24 federal tax per gallon of diesel and the $0.18 per gallon tax on gasoline for 90 days and recommended that states also lift their state taxes on fuels.

The President also called on oil companies to use their profits to boost refining capacity and on fuel retailers to pass on the reduction in prices resulting from the potential lifting of federal taxes to customers.

“I fully understand that a gas tax holiday alone is not going to fix the problem but it will provide families some immediate relief, just a little bit of breathing room, as we continue … Read more