Successful entrepreneurs seldom do it alone

Becoming a successful business owner can be a hard slog – but getting it right may bring huge rewards.

Whilst there are those who hit on a brilliant idea or develop a breakthrough new technology, most businesses offer a product or service that isn’t necessarily something totally out of the ordinary, and so there’s plenty of work needed to establish the business and to keep it running profitably.

Constantly assessing how your business is doing is an important part of making it a success.  Every entrepreneur should spend some time being introspective, and learn as much as possible about their business.

Among the lessons that successful entrepreneurs can attest to being valuable is that it doesn’t make sense to go it alone at all times. Many will advise an entrepreneur to ‘learn from the best’ – in other words, tap into the thinking of the other successful business owners, whether … Read more

Can Anyone Compete With China’s Battery Dominance?

The global electric battery market has expanded dramatically over the last year, as the push to shift from traditionally fuelled cars to electric alternatives has never been stronger. So, how will emerging battery markets overcome supply chain challenges to ensure that the future of electric battery development is secure? The global supply chain is still being hit hard by ongoing pandemic restrictions, the Covid spill-over effect, and, most recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This means that renewable energy projects are seeing lengthy delays and the production of core components is being outweighed by the growing demand. But energy and manufacturing firms around the world are optimistic about raising battery production to meet consumer needs as demand increases over the next decade.

McKinsey estimates that the global battery market will grow by over 20 percent per year until 2030 to reach at least $360 billion, with upper-end estimates increasing to … Read more

Civil service cuts will leave Whitehall unable to cope with Brexit workload

Boris Johnson’s plans to slash the number of civil servants by 91,000 – around 20% – within three years, will leave Whitehall unable to handle the huge extra workload caused by Brexit, independent experts and unions have warned the government.

They say such a reduction would leave the state too small to cope with the added responsibilities taken on by officials in Whitehall since the UK left the EU, including in areas of trade, agriculture, immigration and business regulation.

This weekend the TUC releases figures showing that the planned cuts would mean the ratio of civil servants to members of the UK population would fall beneath the low recorded after former chancellor George Osborne’s ruthless austerity drive, when government departments were told to pare back numbers to achieve savings of up to 40% after the 2010 general election.

The TUC figures show that for every 10,000 UK citizens, the number … Read more

Stocks Slumber to End Week

Equities in Canada’s largest centre endured a sharply negative end to a wild week, as lower prices for health-care and tech issues cast a pall over the indexes.

The S&P/TSX lost 241.08 points, or 1.2%, to close Friday and the week at 20,790.73. Over the last five sessions, the index moved forward, however, 42 points, or 0.2%.

The Canadian dollar dipped 0.13 cents to 79.42 cents U.S.

Tech stocks provided the heaviest weight on the market, with Shopify plunging $59.97, or 12%, to $441.17, while Magnet Forensics stumbled $1.03, or 6.3%, to $15.46.

Cannabis concerns proved the main agent of the demise, as Canopy Growth flopped 49 cents, or 8,3%, to $5.43, while rival Tilray faltered 29 cents, or 8.3%, to $5.29.

In consumer discretionary stocks, BRP lost $10.79, or 10.7%, to $89.79, while Martinrea International subsided 81 cents, or 7.9%, to $9.45.

Consumer staples tried to even things out, … Read more