EU agrees ‘landmark’ 40% quota for women on corporate boards

The EU has agreed that companies will face mandatory quotas to ensure women have at least 40% of seats on corporate boards.

After 10 years of stalemate over the proposals, EU lawmakers hailed a “landmark” deal for gender equality. As well as the legally binding target, companies could also be fined for failing to recruit enough women to their non-executive boards and see board appointments cancelled for non-compliance with the law.

From 30 June 2026 large companies operating in the EU will have to ensure a share of 40% of the “underrepresented sex” – usually women – among non-executive directors. The EU has also set a 33% target for women in all senior roles, including non-executive directors and directors, such as chief executive and chief operating officer.

In 2021 women occupied 30.6% of boardroom positions across the EU, but this varied widely across the 27 member countries. France, which has … Read more

The Major Hurdles Merchants Face Due to Friendly Fraud

Friendly fraud has been a huge issue for merchants for some time now. What might seem harmless from a customer’s perspective has serious negative effects on a merchant’s operation. One average, one in five consumers knowingly submit fraud claims, with false disputes contributing to $125 billion in annual chargeback losses for merchants worldwide.

What is Friendly Fraud?

Friendly fraud takes place when a customer makes a purchase with a credit or debit card but then disputes the charge with their bank for one reason or another – but they don’t actually have a legitimate reason to do so. This is also known as chargeback fraud.

When a cardholder makes a legitimate dispute, it involves them becoming a victim of true fraud. This also includes failing to receive the product or service they paid for and the merchant being unhelpful or unresponsive. Ideally, a cardholder should reach out to the merchant … Read more

4 Things to Do When You Buy a New House

Buying a house can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. When you buy a house, there are plenty of things you need to do and remember, so it’s no surprise that many people feel stressed during this time. Of course, if you’re trying to stay on top of so many things, the odds are that you may forget something.

Luckily, this post is here to help. Keep reading to learn about four things that you need to do when you buy a new house.

Get Insurance and A Warranty

You may think that, now that you’ve bought the house, the hard part is over. Unfortunately, there are many things that could still go wrong after you’ve bought the house. These things can often be very expensive to fix, which is why it’s a good idea to prepare for them.

The accurate way of doing this … Read more

Saudi Arabia Raises Oil Prices Again

Crude oil prices rose at the start of this week after Saudi Arabia said Sunday it would raise its oil prices for most regions, excluding the United States.

The increase in prices was the biggest for Asian buyers, with the flagship Arab Light set to sell for $2.10 per barrel more than it did this month, at $6.50 per barrel over the Oman/Dubai benchmarks.

Arab Light will be more expensive for the European market as well. Saudi Arabia hiked the price for the grade that is similar to Russia’s Urals by $2.20 for European buyers, to $4.30 per barrel over Brent crude.

Brent crude meanwhile topped $120 per barrel yet again, with West Texas Intermediate close behind at over $119 per barrel at the time of writing.

“Mere days after opening the spigots a bit wider, Saudi Arabia wasted little time hiking its official selling price for Asia, its primary … Read more