BEIS raises alarm bells over UK’s ‘dire’ climate progress report

BEIS has raised alarm bells over a key report on Government’s progress to net zero, deeming it “dire”, and “catastrophic for the country and the planet” if not acted on.

The independent Climate Change Committee (CCC)’s latest report revealed that Downing Street’s current strategy will not reach net zero carbon emissions over the coming three decades.

Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Chair Darren Jones said the report is “scathing” about delivery of commitments.

He suggested the report is a “warning against complacency”.

In particular, he highlighted its data on the lack of insulation across the UK’s housing stock, as well as an absence of coherent strategies to decarbonise people’s homes.

The report revealed a “shocking gap in policy” for better insulated homes, citing previous promises of significant public spending and a commitment to new policies last year – but neither of which happening.

The report said: “Given soaring energy bills, … Read more

Google Earth Observation Data Now Available Free for Companies and Governments

After being confined to researchers, academia and non-profit organizations for over a decade, Google is opening access of its Earth Engine to all commercial and government entities around the world.

In a statement on 27th June, Google said that the move reflects demand from companies and government officials globally to set up sustainability efforts – which its Earth Engine can help enable.

Google Earth Engine is today world’s largest, publicly available collections of Earth observation data. It continuously scrolls a stream of Earth observation imagery from a host of satellites deployed in orbit around Earth, along with other imagery resources offering a constant near-live feed of Earth imaging data to those having access to the platform. Such data would give insights on climate data, possibility and impact assessment of natural disasters, management of diseases in different regions, management, and more.

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All about PCB 3D Printing

Printed Circuit boards are the heart of any modern electronic device. Even though there are different ways to produce a printed circuit board, designers have started creating 3D printed circuit boards through 3D printing. This is because advanced gadgets need PCBs that are effective, well designed, and durable.

Why 3D Print Circuit Boards?

Circuit boards are known as printed circuit boards because they were first made using stencils to print a special conductive ink onto a board or paper. But there is a big difference between the first printed circuit boards and the 3D printed circuit boards.

Generally, there are many ways you can use to produce circuit boards for a hobbyist or a professional. Some of the methods used include:

Laser cutting

Here, the tracks are created on the circuit board using a laser cutter. They can be filled using metal to form the circuits.

CNC milling

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A Professional’s Guide To Increasing Workplace Productivity

As a business owner, you need to ensure that your team is as productive as possible when they are at work. Your employees are the beating heart of your business, and if they are not performing at their very best, you can be sure that your business will also struggle moving forward. To ensure you get the most from your team and that they work to their full potential, you need to ensure that they are happy in their roles, motivated and that they feel appreciated. Treating your staff the right way, supporting them, and providing them with the right work environment are key to the success of your business as time goes on.

Regardless of what industry you are working in, there are countless things that you can do to increase productivity in the workplace. Whether you are a small business with just a few employees or you are … Read more


Selecting the most suitable and efficient roof safety system is vital, especially for those in the construction industry. But the process can often be daunting for newbies, who may not know which key points to remember when choosing the best solution.

For instance, they may be unaware that they need to consider the installation cost, type, roof space, and similar details for edge protection solutions. Moreover, they might not choose the best vendor for the job, further complicating a reasonably easy task.

So, beginners can refer to the following vital points, listing some proven ideas for adequate height protection.

  • Non-penetrating Guardrails

The construction industry market size is over a trillion dollars at present and is expected to rise further, showcasing how crucial safety systems are now more than ever. One of the most sought-after methods is the freestanding (or non-penetrating) guardrails that do not require the floor to be … Read more