Vanessa Mbonu: Fighting Forward

There are thousands of untold stories that could have changed the course of humankind. For decades, people’s voice has been suppressed, creating racial hatred and discrimination. Even now, millions of people are fighting the arduous battles against racial prejudice to receive proper civil rights and social justice. For over a century (NAACP) has led the fight, ensuring all persons’ political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights and eliminating race-based discrimination.

Supporting the fight against racial prejudice is Vanessa Mbonu, the Vice President, Digital Marketing & Communications, utilizing her experience as a communicator to work advancing social justice through media and technology.

The Storyteller

Vanessa knew that she wanted to tell stories for a living from a young age; thus, she received a degree in journalism from St. John’s University and a Masters in Global Media and Communication from the London School of Economics and Political … Read more

Meredith Caram: A Robust Advocate for Voice of Women Revolutionizing Tech Firms

The ever-evolving changes in the business world demand adaptation to meet the needs of modern times. Often businesses struggle and fall short of matching up with these changes putting themselves in jeopardy. It requires strong leadership to lead organizations through these transformations to develop and execute innovative growth strategies while cultivating robust relationships. Akin to such leadership is Meredith Caram, the Chief Revenue Officer of JS Group. She is responsible for business expansion leadership for diverse sales and marketing teams. As an experienced veteran who has held multiple leadership hats over decades, from sales to marketing, Meredith’s distinctive approach has proven to deliver results while championing and sponsoring progress in technology solutions.

Over the years, Meredith has garnered various experiences that impacted the industry with her expertise and foundational values. Her efforts were recognized, which led her to earn 5-Star Channel Program Awards, along with a long list … Read more

What You Should Look for When Working Away in Toronto

So, what should you look for when working away in Toronto? Well, it depends on what you’ll be doing. So, let’s just lay out what you’ll find in Toronto.

There are a lot of neighborhoods in Toronto. Some are small and others are huge. They all have their own personalities and feel. Some are residential and others are more commercial. Some are busy and others are quiet. All of them have something different to offer.

Toronto’s north side of the city has a lot of high-end hotels, as well as some great shopping places. This is where you’ll stay if you’re looking to spoil yourself a bit.

The east side of downtown Toronto is a great spot for tourists and commuters. Here you’ll find tons of restaurants, theaters, and a lot of sightseeing opportunities. This part of the city is particularly nice for families.

The west side of downtown is … Read more

5 Great Career Development Tips

  1. Set a Goal (or Goals) and Develop a Plan for Achieving Them

Having a career goal is important, but you won’t get there overnight so you need to set smaller objectives that will lead you to the desired target eventually. View it as when starting a new project and creating tasks along with subtasks related to it. For each subtask you complete, you are ultimately closer to completing the parent task. Small and steady steps are the way to go.

Once the list is done, you need to come up with a plan for reaching your goals. You should set up a timeline since it will put some healthy pressure on you to stick to the plan. It is also important, at the same time, to point out that career development isn’t a competition. So, take the time to learn about yourself and new things. You set the finish line.… Read more

Traders Plus: Trade Metals Right Now and Earn Exciting Profits

Metals are exciting and profitable commodity assets due to substantial applications in our daily lives. Precious metals not only are the mediums of exchange but also serve as indicators of value. Trading metals becomes more profitable when you start trading with Traders Plus. This brokerage company fulfills all your needs of metal trading and ensures that you gain maximum profits from your trading. The WebTrader trading platform of this investment organization offers multiple facilities. Apart from the facilities, you can also use a demo account at this trading platform to learn the fundamentals of metal trading without risking your funds.

Metal Trading:

Metals are the ideal instruments for trading. All the precious metals come under the list of commodity assets. With Traders Plus, you can trade on multiple metals, such as gold, silver platinum, and industrial metals, like copper. Gold and silver are the most traded precious metals. Copper has … Read more