Aprilaire: A Breath of Fresh Air

Air quality in our homes has been a growing risk the past few decades as tighter building envelopes have decreased the amount of fresh, clean air circulating in the house. Add a global pandemic on top of those issues and 2021 heard a concerted call for healthy air from homeowners, buyers, and builders as well as the service people who manage a home’s HVAC and air quality systems. To answer this growing call for healthy air, Aprilaire has produced the Aprilaire Healthy Air SystemTM for residential use to help in the fight against virus-sized particles and provide clean, healthy air.

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with production facilities in Madison and Poynette, Aprilaire has provided various Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions and technology to North American customers since 1938.

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Netatmo: A Step Towards your Smart Home

A healthy indoor environment helps you to feel comfortable, impacting your productivity and ability to concentrate on work. When it comes to home, a lot goes around – things need to be under control. From finding a notebook to your phone, keeping track of things can be a hectic task. Thanks to Netatmo and their healthy home coach monitors that can keep a check-in of every room from your phone. It is a leading smart home company creating simple, beautiful smart solutions for a safer and more comfortable home. It also monitors indoor air quality with its devices and accessories giving one visible access at every corner of one’s house. So, build your smart home with Netatmo.

To find more about it, an interview was held between Insights Success and Netatmo that answers all the questions on the smart home industry, making life easier.

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YI Technology: Making Lives of People Safer, Richer and More Fun with Smart Cameras and Computer Vision

We live in a world filled with smart devices from phones, watches, TVs, and many more. Creating smart homes with smart lifestyle features is now the new normal that makes people’s lives safer, thoughtful, enriching, and more enjoyable with the evolving need of people. YI Technology sought its inspiration by a singular, bold vision of a future to provide people with a smarter lifestyle to assist them in their daily tasks. It is powered by widespread, intelligent video technology, where smart cameras and computer vision will make people’s lives safer, richer, and more fun. YI Technology’s mission is to make advanced, practical AI vision solutions affordable and accessible for consumers and businesses. It envisions becoming the global leader of revolutionary Edge AI and Computer Vision Technology. YI Technology is bringing the benefits of Computer Vision to every Person and business.

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BrickControl: Facilitating Total Management of Construction Projects Easily and Efficiently

With a mission to improve the operations of the construction sector, facilitating the management of the entities and entities in charge of developing and directing works projects, SHM created the easiest construction management software to use, BrickControl.

BrickControl is a cloud-based application that helps professionals and companies in managing all of their projects in an easy, simple, and efficient way.

We at Insights Success caught up with David Jiménez, CEO of the BrickControl, to learn more about the company and its contribution to the construction sector.

Improving the Operations of the Construction Sector

BrickControl is a web software in the cloud for works management, which allows the creation of budgets with all the necessary structure, such as chapters, items, and units; certifications, planning through Gantt charts, orders, invoices, work reports, deviation control, warehouses, and powerful indicators of the multi-projects that can be managed in parallel in the software.

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Is Gambling Ready to Evolve in a Digital Age? Dissecting the Rise of Online Casinos in the UK and the Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry

Online gambling was once considered nothing more than a passing fad, with customers preferring the physical presence of brick-and-mortar casinos. However, the way we gamble has changed quite a bit over the years. The internet has introduced us to countless new games, applications, and platforms where we can bet on our favourite sports teams, hold poker tournaments and play roulette. Not to mention how the worldwide pandemic coerced everyone to engage in digital activities and refrain from using physical entities.

And in a country like the UK, where gambling is legal, the industry is showing no constraints to evolving. With changes in technological advancements, it’s not surprising that many people are staking their stakes online as opposed to visiting land-based casinos. As online gambling revenues rise year on year, there is a clear indication that most gamblers are turning away from land-based casinos.

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