Kim Bourne: Guiding You Along Your Financial Journey

Financial planning for the long term can be an arduous task.  It requires one to factor in a multitude of variables including, but not limited life expectancy, lifestyle, retirement, income, investment returns, gifting, and legacy considerations.  Kim Bourne understood the complexities involved in creating a well-thought-out written financial plan and dared to build a business explicitly designing financial road maps tailored around her clients’ lifestyles at a time when white men dominated the financial advising industry.

The Journey

As a life-long Brooklynite, Kim observed decades of change in Brooklyn neighborhoods.  Some underwent divestment, while some parts enjoyed gentrification.  As time went on, she got married and started a family.  As a mom, her metrics for success were simple:

  • She had to produce strong swimmers, not for just their own sake, but to save someone else’s life.
  • She helped her children to become proficient writers so that they could advocate for
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Speakers for Schools’ Research Highlights the Disparity of Trust Between Employers, Young People, and Politicians

Speakers for Schools commissioned three YouGov surveys to discover young people’s attitudes towards professional education and aspirations post-pandemic.

This study equally shows the thoughts of politicians and employers on young people’s aspirations in the UK. The survey includes 100 business leaders and 100 MPs, 2,000 young people (11-19 age bracket).

The pandemic affected the young in the same way as it affected the adults. Many young people have lost the avenue for career growth and professional learning due to the lockdown. The aspiration of young people then became questionable with the restrictive pandemic, booting out traditional UK work experience, ushering in the necessity for a virtual work experience. However, work experience online is becoming the new normal.

Outside Mental Health, what is it that Young People Think?

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8 Ways to Transform Your Career with an MBA Degree

Education is essential no matter what field you choose later. Being able to think critically and express information in a meaningful way is something that you can learn by pursuing an education.

This is incredibly important in a field like a business where your skills will get you higher and higher to a point where you need more skills to keep climbing. Even though it may seem easy to achieve success in the field, it can typically be the exact opposite, so you may need something to put you up on top.

Here is where an MBA degree comes into the picture. An MBA degree, or a Master of Business Administration, is a degree that will help you become better at managing investments and the upper-divisions of businesses.

1. Available Online

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TSX Gives up Gains, Finishes in Minus Territory

Equities in Toronto let gains slip from their fingers Wednesday, as tech and health-care stocks weighed on the market.

The TSX Composite ended in the red 16 points to conclude Wednesday at 20,158.14

The Canadian dollar was pounded 0.5 cents to 78.37 cents U.S.

Consumer staples proved the champion, with SunOpta stretching 55 cents, or 4.9%, to $11.72, while George Weston improved $8.16, or 6.4%, to $136.54.

In the energy patch, Cenovus jumped29 cents, or 2,3%, to $12.85, while Imperial Oil popped 88 cents, or 2.3%, to $40.03.

In the real-estate sector, Tricon Capital Group gained 36 cents, or 2.2%, to $16.96, while units of Cominar REIT marched along 19 cents, or1.9%, to $10.07.

Techs were another story, however, as Lightspeed POS tumbled $16.76, or 11.7% to $126.00, while HUT 8 Mining got bruised 28 cents, or 2.7%, to $9.98.

In health-care, Tilray docked 56 cents, or 3.8%, to $14.18, … Read more