Top 5 EdTech startups that changed education online

Online education has always been a part of the academic process, but implementing tools for remote learning became essential due to the pandemic. Among such tools, there are educational applications, augmented reality-based solutions for learning at home, virtual reality classrooms, services for video calls, etc.

According to the Forbes Magazine predictions, the EdTech products market will reach $325 billion by 2025. These applications make studying more fun and engaging and often boost students’ motivation to learn more and do better through gamification.

Gamification borrows mechanics for punishment, rewards, progress indications, and story structuring from games and puts them in non-game contexts. Implemented within e-learning software, gamification:

• Engages students via a feedback loop with rewards, scores, and encouragement after completing each task. That activates the brain’s pleasure circuit and makes them addicted to the learning processes, so they come back to learn more and get more points.
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Tokyo Olympics: U.S. wins highest number of Medals

Game(No. of ) MedalsPlayer
Basketball1 Gold
  • Gold: Women’s 3×3 — Allisha Gray, Kelsey Plum, Stefanie Dolson and Jackie Young
Boxing1 Bronze
  • Bronze: Women’s welterweight: Oshae Jones
Canoe1 Gold
  • Gold: Women’s canoe 120-meter sprint — Nevin Harrison
Cycling1 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Silver: Women’s BMX freestyle — Hannah Roberts
  • Bronze: Women’s team pursuit — Megan Jastrab, Jennifer Valente, Chloe Dygert, Emma White, Lily Williams
Diving2 Silver, 1 Bronze
  • Silver: Women’s synchronized 10-meter platform — Jessica Parratto and Delaney Schnell
  • Silver: Men’s synchronized 3-meter springboard — Michael Hixon and Andrew Capobianco
  • Bronze: Women’s 3-meter springboard — Krysta Palmer
Equestrian1 Silver
  • Silver: Team dressage — Adrienne Lyle, Steffen Peters and Sabine Schut-Kery
Fencing1 Gold, 1 Bronze
  • Gold: Women’s individual foil — Lee Kiefer
  • Bronze: Men’s foil team — Alex Massialas, Race Imboden and Gerek Meinhardt
Golf1 Gold
  • Gold: Men’s individual stroke play — Xander
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Which Online Sites Offer Free and Paid Online Entertainment

Today the internet is one of the biggest sources of entertainment. There are so many possibilities and options that when choosing one, it is very difficult to choose.
Depending on your interests and budget, you will find various options, from online casinos like NetBet to streaming platforms, online games, and websites, to learn new skills while having fun. You will also find both paid and free options. If you still don’t know what to choose, read the following recommendations.

Online casinos

Online casinos are one of the most popular activities in the online world, and their growth continues to get bigger. Moreover, the analysis and studies of the experts announce even greater growth, which will not stop at least in the next five years.

Online casinos are developing new functions, updating and introducing new games, and improving the relationship with the user to maintain the growth curve. Otherwise, they would … Read more

Main Features of a Good Online Casino Software Provider

Casinos have been the most sought-after form of money-earning entertainment. You can have fun with several games like spinning, cards, adventure games, lotteries, and more, all the while earning coins. Where physical casinos are all about the vibe and ambiance of gaming, online casinos also provide distinguished entertainment.

Let’s have a look at some of the best features of a reliable online casino software provider.

The Most Demanding Features of Casino Software

The gamers trust your casino site with their personal information. So, they should be hack-proof.

Then comes the prospect of game design and structure. The games should look pleasing to the eye first. Online games are virtual reality, so the themes and game features should be according to that.

Updates and smoothness of the game are next. No one wants to play a repeating and boring game, and neither does anyone want to get all complicated over games.… Read more