How to build virtual relationships when you can’t network face-to-face

I am a firm believer in the value of face-to-face communication but Covid has meant that we have had to make many changes.

Over the past few weeks, I have been impressed by a story of hope and support – that has resulted from an on-line relationship.

A tragic life change

Johan is a handsome, 24 year-old male client of mine who was a landscape gardener. He was referred to me by his doctor after a serious car accident that has left him unable to walk and only able to move about in a wheelchair. The challenges ahead of him are great. He has had to give up his work, which has always been the love of his life.

For some years, Johan has been an avid blogger on social media and now has thousands of followers. His blog has always provided a creative outlet for him after a day … Read more

Transportation of Oversized Cargo by Road: Things You Should Know

Transportation of oversized cargo is a complex and laborious type of transportation; therefore, you should choose Nationwide Over-Dimensional Freight to provide this service. To perform the services, special equipment is required, which can be controlled by a professional with work experience. The price of transportation of oversized cargo is acceptable, while the organization guarantees the quality of services, safety, and integrity of the transported equipment and special equipment.

Features of Road Transportation of Oversized Cargo
Sometimes they are characterized by a very long organizational process (take more time than direct transportation). The route is planned so that the time spent on the cargo is minimal (the delivery time is as short as possible). Several additional parameters are taken into account: the throughput of highways, and the distance from settlements, weather conditions.

  • When choosing a logistics company, you should always pay special attention to the availability of experience – this guarantees
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The Rise of Professional Sports and Online Gaming in India

Indians have always been interested in cricket, hockey, and wrestling. However, very few professional gaming leagues have survived in India. Cricket and hockey have the biggest fan base across the country. While Indians cheer their sportsmen participating in the Olympics and Asian Games, the support for track and field athletes has been dismal on the ground.

In Eastern India, football has been popular among the masses, but the whole country is passionate about cricket. Because of too much focus on cricket, other games have suffered because of less attention from authorities and local sports bodies. This is one of the reasons for the poor performance of the Indian squad at the Olympics and other international sports events. Indian athletes have always complained about not having enough facilities for training, and sports bodies have been asking the Ministry of Sports for more funds.

Advertisers support cricket matches, and the Indian Cricket … Read more

11 Steps for College Students to Increase Creativity through Watching Inspiring Content

Creativity – a word that is thrown around often in the world of academia.

But what does it really mean?
Creativity can be defined as having new and original ideas or producing things in an unconventional way. Creativity can fade away quickly when you are constantly bombarded with lectures, essays, and assignments day after day.

College students can often find themselves feeling burnt out and uninspired. We all know that it’s essential to take a break from studying now and then, and what better than watching something that sparks creativity?

But what content should college students watch online to find that spark of creativity?
This blog post is about how watching inspiring videos on YouTube or TED talks can help increase creativity. We will discuss the 11 steps you can take to make sure your mind stays fresh, creative, and full of new ideas!

Step One: Turn off the TV … Read more