Why lean is the foundation of digital operating systems

The recent statement by Toyota that even with digitalization, they would not do away with the principle of gemba walks unequivocally confirmed that lean principles are still a powerful toolbox on the production floor. That’s why continued investment in lean and other CI programs will lay the foundation for a successful transition to digital operating systems (DOS). Moreover, adding digital technologies to lean can open up whole new frontiers for future factories.

With its focus on waste elimination and root cause tracking, traditional lean is based on the premise that employees should execute tasks better, faster, and more economically while fully embracing and engaging in the principles of continuous improvement. More recently, Industry 4.0 and its associated technologies have forever transformed production in terms of speed and flexibility with automation, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, all poised to become part of modern digital operating systems. These digital technologies combined with … Read more

How To Hire Your First Employee, Step By Step

As your business begins to grow, you soon realize that you need to bring in an extra hand to help with the increasing work demands. Unfortunately, adding that first employee can be overwhelming, particularly because of all the legal requirements you have to fulfill.

But you don’t have to worry about that; this post offers a guide on some of the things you need to know when hiring your first employee.

Step by step guide on hiring your first employee

1.      Understand the employment law

When hiring your first employee, the very first thing you need to understand is your legal obligations and responsibilities as an employer. These requirements usually vary from state to state, so it is important to consult with your lawyer about the employment labor law in your state. If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford an attorney, you may consider accessing free employment … Read more

How to exceed viewer expectations with your STB solution

The COVID-19 pandemic with its numerous lockdowns gave a great boost to video consumption. To wit, the OTT segment is expected to show the highest CAGR from 2021 to 2028, driving the demand for online video and STB software development services.

However, to win in the race for clients in such a competitive OTT market and increase ARPU, pay particular attention to the ways of enhancing viewer satisfaction.

Excellent UI and UX

Great, customizable UI is what sets your brand apart, so underpin the development with aspects like user-centric analysis, A/B and multivariate user behavior testing, and user journey mapping. This will allow you to ensure seamless user onboarding, intuitive navigation, and intelligent UI customization.

Among other areas that you can improve with a user-centric development approach are content search and discovery, second screening, device compatibility, and compliance with specific interface design guidelines.

More screens and devices mean more opportunities … Read more

When Are Personal Loans a Good Idea?

Personal loans are now the go-to financial tool for most Americans. About 22% of Americans have at least one personal loan, even though the demand for these loans slowed dramatically last year.

Personal loans grew faster than any other type of debt in 2019. That’s because personal loans allow you to use the funds for any purpose. Plus, you can get a nice-sized loan to help you gain financial footing.

Are personal loans always a good idea? There are a lot of advantages of personal loans, but there are cases when it’s a bad idea too.

You need to weigh your financial situation and make sure that you’re getting a personal loan for the right reasons. Skipping this step can cause more financial harm than good.

Do you want to know when it’s a good idea to get personal loans? Take a look at this guide that takes you through … Read more

New Access: Enabling Digital Transformation With Advanced Digital Wealth Management Platform

From last few years we observe a dramatic shift to utilizing digital services. It is todays even more important for private bankers and wealth managers to connect with their clients anytime, anywhere, conveniently, and efficiently. Enabling efficient and smooth digital access of banking services to clients is essential for private bankers and wealth managers to increase the satisfaction of their clients. In a complex and changing regulatory environment, New Access helps bankers and wealth managers connect conveniently and efficiently with their clients at all times and at any location.

Vincent Jeunet is the CEO of New Access. He has an entrepreneurial mindset and strong transformation background. He is a leading and outstanding core-to-digital solutions player for private banking and wealth management. Vincent considers it is essential to build network, be patient, resilient, curious, and determined to succeed in banking industry.

Leveraging Two Decades of Experience in Wealth Management

New Access … Read more