Going Through a Divorce: The Impact It Has on Your Health and Entrepreneurship

If you own a business, and you’e wanting to learn more about entrepreneurship, but you’re going through a divorce, then you should prepare for how the divorce can potentially impact you and your company. In fact, knowing how going through a divorce can impact your health should be at the top of your priority list.

Why? Well, if you don’t have good health, you can’t operate your business as efficiently as possible, and knowing how to boost operational efficiency should be a major goal as an entrepreneur. Keep reading to learn more about the various ways a divorce can influence your health which directly reflects back onto your role as a business owner.

How a Divorce Impacts Health and Business

Going through a divorce or separation as a business owner is often one of the worst circumstances that couples ever go through. There’s often one party who wants to make … Read more

How to Protect Your Business from ID Theft

When running your own business, it seems as though there is no shortage of challenges, obstacles, and issues to be aware of at all times. Some will be more important than others, and then there are those issues that people unfortunately don’t address until after they become a problem.

Business ID theft is on the rise here and around the globe. And while it may not currently be on your radar of potential threats for your company, the fact is that it’s much better to be proactive and protect your business, rather than being reactive.

Here we’ll look at some basic steps you can take today in order to protect your business from ID theft and not find yourself in that horrible situation.

Recognize That it is a Threat

The first step is to acknowledge that ID theft is something that threatens businesses of all sizes and in all industries. … Read more

6 Simple And Great Ways To Have Fun While Staying Home

Imagine living through a pandemic without technology. If we’d been alive a hundred years ago, that would’ve been our reality. Thankfully, when the world stopped this time around we found ourselves surrounded by tech which both kept us connected to loved ones, coworkers and our communities, near and far. Of course, it hasn’t meant that boredom has been completely vanquished or that we’ve been able to explore and engage the world in all of the ways we want to and are used to. Yet, technology has really shown us that the possibilities are endless as to what we can do at home. Here are six simple, great ways to have some virtual fun with friends and family right from home!

Pass the Popcorn

Remember the days when you’d text your friend and say – “Did you see the trailer for the new Jennifer Lawrence movie? We HAVE to go see … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Bonus Buy Slots

In 2019, many slot developers started integrating a new feature into their games – bonus buy. It allows players to trigger the best features without waiting. Is this shortcut worth the money? Find out in our guide.

Now, you do not have to wait until the bonus feature gets opened randomly. Today, the range of free bonus buy slots is growing. Players love the convenience of paid access, but it is not always necessary. Here is how these tools work.

The Concept of Bonus Buy

The most generous payouts in slots are secured during bonus rounds. To unlock them, gamblers need to play for a specific period. Now, you can bypass this obstacle by paying for a bonus buy. The game will take you to the bonus feature instantly.

This function first appeared a decade ago in the ‘White Rabbit’ slot. It eliminates the need to spin the reels for … Read more

How is the European Casino Industry Shaping Up?

The truth is that the pandemic hit many countries hard, especially various sectors of their economies. Many industries suffered during this period and things are starting to return to normal it’s time for these industries to recuperate. This is the case for various companies and businesses in Europe, the gambling industry included. Some areas of the industry prospered thanks to the rise of clients, while others diminished.

Overall, the Gross Gambling Revenue in European countries is the highest in the UK and Italy, with Germany, France, and Spain after them. On average, the GGR makes up about 0.5% of the GDP of these countries.

Moreover, the online GGR in Europe was estimated to reach 24.7 billion Euros in 2020. The prime areas that boost the GGR are online lottery and casinos as well as poker and sports betting. Here is a great source of information for such websites to visit.… Read more