One Global™: Ensuring Holistic Digital Financial Services with Convenience and Security

With the advancement of technology, the world is looking for many customized solutions in every aspect of life. Improving lifestyle is always on the bucket list of people and businesses and that’s also the important part of the evolved human culture. Adapting the best of methods that enhances the way of life is always good for humanity. The importance of being available on online platforms for businesses is the most critical aspect in the present times as many people are preferring to manage most of tasks through the mobile applications and websites.

The institutions that are able to provide the online services become more popular with the people. One Global is a Digital Transformation and Innovation Company, specialized in the fintech arena, with 2 million customers on board.

One Global™’s vision is to elevate humanity by connecting life. Started its journey in 2004, the company is a global player … Read more

Processware Systems: Facilitating Digitalization of Financial Institutions

With the world going more digital, there is an increasing need for online assistance or solutions to meet the financial needs of the users. Banking service comes under the category of most essential service. Today, banks have no choice but to adopt technology at a rapid pace to be relevant in the marketplace. Most of the people of young generation lead their life digitally, more on the mobile phone, and expect their bankers to offer services digitally. They are least interested in visiting a branch of the bank. Therefore, having access to banking service anytime is more possible with online services. Financial institutions should be able to provide online services, financial inclusion so that maximum people can benefit from these services anywhere and anytime. Several fintech companies in world have been able to capture a large slice of this market, by offering digital services.

Processware Systems Private Limited is one … Read more

A Humanistic View of Computer Security

Much has been said and done about security in recent years, both physically and logically.

The appearance of threats grows exponentially and therefore, more and more powerful software takes care of the assets of companies, and more impregnable physical obstacles close the possibility that something is lost, stolen or accessed, but … is this enough?

Many argue that yes, or that if the software or hardware that protects us does not exist today, it will soon be available on the market. Others of us think that no, that the vision of the solution is not entirely correct.

Every process, system, technique, procedure or set of linked elements is just as weak as the weakest link in that chain. In the case of security, the weakest point in any chain is the intervening human being.

One might wonder if, being this the case, people cannot be controlled, and generally we would … Read more

5 Keys to Running a Successful Wealth Management Firm

Did you know that more than 8% of Americans can be classed as millionaires?

Whether they inherited sticks, business assets, property, or assets, a person can come into money at any time.

The trick is to know how to handle it. After all, we have all read about people who spend a large amount of money only to regret it afterward.

People who have large amounts of money or assets usually need the help of a wealth management firm. What is wealth management? If you are thinking of setting up a wealth management company, what do you need to know?

Why not find out the answers to these questions in our in-depth article?

Learn the Industry

When setting up wealth management firms it is important that you understand the law, the market, and the direction that clients want to take their savings.

In some cases, a person is entirely financially … Read more

USD/CAD – Canadian Dollar Trading Sideways

The Canadian dollar had an uneventful overnight session, as did the rest of the G-10 majors. Traders ignored yesterday’s April Retail Sales data. The drop of 5.7% m/m was weaker than expected but not a surprise due to restrictions implemented to combat the third-wave coronavirus outbreak.

The Canadian dollar was underpinned by steady to firm crude oil prices. West Texas Intermediate is consolidating gains in a $72.70-$74.00/barrel range. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) said U.S. crude inventories fell 7.6 million barrels, a tad more than last week’s 7.3 million-barrel drop. The news helped offset reports that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is contemplating increasing crude production by as much as 500,000 barrels/day starting August 1.

The cartel believes that rebounding global growth means a surge in oil demand which will readily absorb higher production. The current price level suggests traders agree.

Federal Open Market Committee policymakers in the … Read more