The Most Fuel-Efficient Cars for 2020 – 2021

Technology continues to improve fuel efficiency, which means that fuel-efficient cars are no longer synonymous with small, low-horsepower vehicles. Today, larger vehicles are included among the lists of cars that get great gas mileage. As innovations like hybrid technology continues to evolve, you no longer have to choose between the car that gets the best gas mileage and the one that can carry your entire family, comfortably on  vacation.

The effect of hybrid technology on the automotive landscape is something to take a closer look at, as evidenced by the cars that rank highest for getting the best gas mileage. Hybrid options can now  provide great fuel efficiency, and there’s a bigger selection in models.

Factoring the costs of fuel, along with things like maintenance and repair, can give you a better idea of the actual long-term expense of owning the car instead of only basing your decision on the … Read more

Building a server — home server or hosted server?

In our current age of increasing automation and the need for secure and reliable data storage, there’s a case to be made for building your own server. Nowadays, the barrier to entry on building a server is lower than ever.

However, that being said, you do need a bit of technical know-how to properly configure your own server.


The benefits of having ultimate control over your data can be enough of an incentive to overcome the technical jump needed to configure a private server.

From the ability to configure your own personal data backup system to storing security footage securely, having your own server can be extremely useful. These benefits apply for both personal use and for businesses.

But what type of server do you need? Should you build and host your server locally? Or is a hosted option a better fit for your needs?

We’ll take a look … Read more

33 landing page tips — How to build the best landing page

A landing page is the first page a visitor sees on a website. When you set up your Facebook ad or AdWords campaign or share that Instagram post, your landing page is the first point of contact after your marketing piece. So, every business could benefit from a few landing page tips.

The challenge is that when visitors arrive at your landing page, you have about seven seconds to convince them to stay. So how do you keep their attention and stop them from leaving?

Building a landing page that converts visitors to sales and leads is a three-part journey that includes pre-launch, design and post-launch. This article will dive into each phase of building a landing page and will break down the key steps to take within each phase.

After examining each landing page phase’s elements, we’ll conclude with some final thoughts from experts.

Let’s get started.

Pre-launch: Before

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