SV3 Designs: Expert WordPress help

Saras Venkatram runs SV3 Designs, an agency specializing in WordPress websites for small businesses, startups, individuals and non-profit organizations. You can find Saras on Facebook.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? Where are you based?

My name is Saraswati Venkatram (Saras for short). I am a freelance web designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. My company, SV3 Designs, specializes in WordPress websites for small businesses, startups, individuals, and non-profit organizations.

What’s the elevator pitch for your business? Describe what you do.

Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure and privilege of designing and launching over 200 websites for clients all over the world. I have worked with small businesses, startup-tech companies, schools, organizations, and an array of fabulous non-profits, just to name a few. I have a master’s degree in Computer Science and a certificate in web design. I find that … Read more

5 things to look for in the best VPS provider

Finding the best VPS provider is clutch because a website communicates with clients far more than we ever could. That’s why it demands such a significant share of business resources. Still, cost is always a key concern, especially when we’re just getting started. It’s common to initially go with less-expensive shared hosting, and then continue building on the platform as we grow.

But then success happens. Visitors increase. And along with that may come slower load times, incompatible software and those dreaded 509 errors. The limitations of shared hosting are now painfully apparent. For the prudent, it’s time to begin shopping for the best VPS provider to enable long-term growth.

Managed vs. unmanaged VPS

The first place to start is who’s going to manage the server. Many VPS providers offer managed hosting and take care of limited duties as the server admin. With unmanaged VPS, Providers hand … Read more