How to set up a holiday gift guide in WooCommerce

Gift shopping is really tough.  (Especially for your mom. “No honey, I really don’t want you spending money on me,” is just about the least helpful gift guidance you’ll ever receive.)

One survey found more than eight out of 10 people say holiday gift giving is a source of stress. Gift giving is one of the main factors that leads people to rate the holidays as more stressful than getting caught committing a minor crime. That’s right: We’d rather get busted for jaywalking or vandalism than deal with buying gifts.

All that is to say: It would be a great service for you or your clients’ customers if you could point them toward perfect gifts for everyone on their list. And from your perspective… it’s quite a lucrative service, too.

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Micro-businesses hold steady in the storm

Theresa Delaney started her events business, Creative Kind, as a way to bring people together for a few hours of DIY arts and crafts. She loved the in-person experience and never wanted to be an internet entrepreneur. But since the COVID-19 crisis forced her to close her doors in Tucson, Arizona for a few months, she’s been on a forced march to the web. And that has saved her business. 

Today, she and her business partner, Hilari Ross, offer Zoom-based versions of their workshops, on topics such as apron painting and macrame. They’ve also opened an improved online store to sell the 5,000 or so products they stock from local artists, including things like greeting cards, notebooks and puzzles, each of which they photograph and then upload to their site.

“It was definitely a big to-do to move everything online. But we’re very adaptable people. We’re going to be okay,”

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5 ways to make money podcasting

This post was originally published on Dec. 20, 2018, and was updated on Oct. 29, 2020.

For the past few years, podcasting has seen a phenomenal surge in growth. More and more people are starting their first podcast, whether it’s a platform to share a personal passion, have conversations and interviews with others in their field or simply to build their brand. While we’re seeing an increase in podcasts — especially in the current isolated climate — there is also a rise in the number of ways one can make money podcasting.

5 ways to make money podcasting

Here’s a look at the five top ways to make money from podcasting:

  1. Seek out sponsorship and ads.
  2. Embrace affiliate marketing.
  3. Consider creating protected content.
  4. Accept donations.
  5. Build your brand.

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1. Seek out sponsorships and ads

You will … Read more