6 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft When Shopping Online

Retailers do whatever they can to attract online shoppers—free shipping, easy returns, coupons and bargains on things for your favorite foodie or your animal lover. Online shopping days like Cyber Monday have been rivaling and beating brick-and-mortar sales in many industries. Unfortunately, increased online activity entices scam artists, putting your personal information at risk. Learning how to prevent identity theft is key for safe online shopping.

Here are six online shopping safety tips you can use to protect your identity.

1. Know your vendors

Thwart cyber attacks by shopping on sites you know and trust. Make sure you get to them through a reputable search engine, like Google, or by typing in the URL directly. Online con artists are skilled at making web destinations look and feel like a familiar or legitimate retail sites. This is something to be particularly aware of when clicking on links in emails. As … Read more

Usage-based auto insurance can help you save money


  • Consumers seeking more control on auto insurance premiums have new options
  • Usage based insurance provides discounts based on driving patterns and behavior
  • Insurance agents can help tailor coverage to save money

The old-school way to save on auto insurance was to bundle auto, home and life. But in today’s environment, consumers are looking for even more effective ways to control their budget and save money. While the bundling approach is still a smart play, there’s a new option to consider—usage-based insurance.

According to a recent J.D. Power and Cambridge Mobile Telematics survey, 57{2a3e680f1439d15db2efa1f6e7ed882a5847e72ec9baddde754e69dd847cc2fd} of consumers think their miles driven will remain lower for a significant period of time, and they’re nearly three times more likely to consider usage-based insurance as a result. As people are looking for ways to exercise more control over their monthly budgets, usage-based insurance is going to become increasingly popular.

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? Final Walk Through Checklist for New Homeowners

It’s official: You’re going to be a homeowner. Now comes a critical step – making sure every room, wall and appliance is in tip-top shape and just the way you agreed upon with the seller before closing. Having a thorough new home walk through checklist beforehand can help ensure that you have your bases covered when inspecting a house during a final walk through. All in all, you should confirm that everything is in working order and the house is in the same condition as it was when you last saw it – with the exception of any changes you negotiated in the contract.

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Initial final walk through items to check:

  • Are all items you’ve purchased with the house still present?
  • Has all personal property and unwanted items been removed according to the terms of your contract?
  • Have all necessary repairs been made after the home
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